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From pharmaceutical labels to Made in the USA tags, your labels communicate valuable information about your product to potential and recurring customers. Not only do they need to be eye-catching, but most importantly they also must be functional, accurate, and expertly executed. As a partner with more than 35 years of product labeling experience in demanding industries, we have the capabilities to deliver the labeling you need — whether it's for a rebrand, new product line, or to communicate a crucial piece of information.

Committed to Sustainable and Affordable

Bay Tech Label is a proud practitioner of green printing and ongoing sustainability initiatives. From recycling to reducing our energy consumption, we make a concentrated effort to eliminate any costly and unnecessary elements. We streamline the production process to save your business time and money by conserving materials, optimizing for efficiency, and monitoring the use of resources.

Certified SGP Facility

Our team is committed to protecting the planet environmentally, socially, and economically with our Sustainable Green Printing Facility and our ongoing sustainability initiatives.

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Durable Industrial Labeling

Keep your batteries, chemicals, and electrical products in line with OSHA regulations. From signal words to product identifiers and more, withstand harsh environments with quality labeling solutions.

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Easily Refresh Outdated Nutritional Labels

Keep in touch with new FDA regulations for food and beverage products. Ensure your ingredient label is readable and reflects ongoing changes to educate customers and stay on the right side of the law.

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Enhance Production with an Upgraded Manufacturing Process

Our investment in elevating our production process has resulted in faster throughput, high precision labeling, and more competitive pricing. Pass down the benefits of our improvements, from our HYBRID software, newly upgraded motors, enhanced die-cutting, optimized printing operations, and updated finishing equipment to your customers. From reducing waste, diminishing power surges, eliminating downtime, increasing consistency, and more, the true value add to your supply chain is immeasurable. Experience a faster turnaround time, streamlined operations, improved safety measures, and productivity with improved manufacturing solutions.

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