Sustainability Policy

Certified Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

Bay Tech Label is proud to be a Triple Bottom Line Company that is focused on People, Planet and Profit.

We are committed to protecting the environment through economically,socially, and environmentally responsible business practices.

We promise to:

Our sustainability initiatives are focused on addressing the following objectives:

Bay Tech Label Company will create and maintain performance benchmarks, compliance checklists, and other documentation to periodically measure and report our progress in realizing these commitments. Sustainability Management is an essential component to our commitment to Operational Excellence.

SGP Continuous Improvement Projects

Continuous Improvement Project (CIP) 2018
Worked on depleting unused or older inks in stock. Reduced inventory from 6,600 lbs to 5,000 lbs.
Benefits were:

Purchased Think 2000 Inernal Ink Managing System.

Continuous Improvement Project (CIP) 2019
We added 3 more HVAC units upgraded. We reviewed our HVAC units at the end of 2018. We had a 10 ton HVAC which was installed 6 years ago. That size unit did not come in more efficient that a 10 SEER rating at that time. We replaced it with 2 5 ton HVAC units that have a 19 SEER rating or almost twice as efficient. In addition, we had a 5 ton unit that was 13 years old and was a 10 SEER when it was installed. It probably operated at about a 7 SEER by now. We replaced this unit with another 19 SEER unit. As a result, the replacement is almost 3 times as efficient. Disposed of steel dies by recycling 6,760 lbs.

SGP CIP Improvement Projects 2020
Finished the Solar PV Additional 123 Panels. Electric company has made the meter swap out and transition complete. Converted presses from traditional UV to LED UV making presses operate more efficiently. Window 8 mil security film installed on windows for better heat and cold blocking and also a barrier in the event of a hurricane. Replaced 3 old Air Compressors with 1 Ingersoll Rand RS/15n Total Air System for more efficiency and decrease electrical usage. Disposed of steel dies by recycling 2,480 lbs.