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Direct Thermal Labels vs Thermal Transfer Labels

Direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels are used as shipping labels, barcodes, and more. Find the best label solution with Bay Tech Label. Read more

Published: 10/25/22

Understanding Labels For Essential Oil Bottles

As aromatherapy rises in popularity, be sure to appeal to customers and meet labeling requirements with custom labels for essential oils. Read more

Published: 10/25/22

Smart Bulk Label Printing For High Volume Orders

Learn how to save more with bulk label printing by siding with an expert like Bay Tech Label. Take efficiency to the next level with high volume orders. Read more

Published: 09/26/22

Custom Roll Labels Offer Variety and Ease of Use

Custom Roll labels offer brands a variety of materials and print options to choose from. When used with labeling equipment, roll labels can save companies time and money. Read more

Published: 09/26/22

When to Use Pressure Sensitive Labels

Not only are pressure sensitive labels cost-effective, but they perform well across numerous industries. Learn how to customize yours with Bay Tech Label. Read more

Published: 08/16/22

A Guide to IRC Labels

Instant redeemable coupons (IRC), promotional labels that are easily peeled off your product at the point of purchase, are a popular method growing sales. Read more

Published: 08/16/22

Types of Heavy-Duty Equipment Labels

From ID tags to safety and warning labels to fire tags, Bay Tech Label is your one-stop shop for industrial equipment labels. Read more

Published: 07/29/22

Comply with Regulations for Medical Marijuana Labels and Packaging

The Budding Medical Marijuana Market
The North American medical cannabis market is expected to reach a new high of $15.29 billion by 2027, inciting fantastic opportunities in the field. Additionally, marijuana oils, gummies, drinks, personal care products, and syrups are all skyrocketing in sales due to the Green Rush — a period of excitement around the legalization of medical and recreati... Read more

Published: 07/29/22

The Key Elements of a Food Packaging Label

At Bay Tech Label, we help you meet all FDA requirements and fully customize your food packaging labels. Read more

Published: 06/29/22

Versatile, Functional Die Cut Labels

Bay Tech Label is an expert at die cut labels. With more than 5,000 dies in-house and custom shapes available – the label possibilities are endless! Read more

Published: 06/15/22