How Product Labels Influence Consumers

How Products Labels Help to Influence Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions

Making a good impression with consumers and influencing their purchasing decisions is directly related to product labeling. In a survey of 2,000 consumers conducted by Biz Report, 85% of consumers stated their purchasing decisions were determined by the information contained on product labels.

In addition, 78% of consumers complained there was too little information on customer printed roll labels, and it did not provide the answers to their questions about the product. Further, 87% of Millennials demanded there be more information available on labels.


When there is insufficient information provided on product labels, consumers do one of a couple of different things. They might utilize their smartphone to look up the information while still in the store, or wait until they return home. However, consumers tend to only spend about a minute on their smartphones while they are shopping. Another thing consumers will do is choose a competitor’s product in place of yours, if your competitor has done a better job at including the right amount of product details on their labels.

Additionally, the quality of the label does play a part in buying decisions. Labels that pop, and which are eye-catching, draw the consumer in much faster than plain, ordinary labels. Many consumers will use the cameras on their smartphones to take a picture of the label, if it is unique, and share it through their social media channels, resulting in free marketing.

One way to provide consumers with the information they desire is to incorporate QR Codes into the label’s design. This way, consumers who demand more details about your products can quickly use their smartphone and get answers to their questions. QR Codes allow you to address concerns about over-crowding and putting too much information on the label, and this works well with the limited amount of space you do have available.

When creating labels for your products, it is essential to remember that the space you do have is your platform to get your branding and message across in less than 10 seconds, as consumers are scanning up and down shelves looking for specific wording on product labels. As such, make sure to incorporate specific details to encourage consumers to pick up your product and examine the label in greater detail.

Using stand out keyword phrases, such as “100% organic,” “made from recycled materials,” or “gluten-free” in big bold lettering in the label’s design could make a huge difference whether consumers pick up your products or pass them over.

Labeling is not the only determining factor consumers use to make purchasing decisions. Consumers do notice the type of packaging used. Consumers will look at the reusability and quality of the packaging, and if it can meet other uses later. Packaging is sometimes also a determining factor whether consumers purchase the product or choose another brand.

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