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Massachusetts To Cancel Automatic Parking Sticker Renewals

City officials in Massachusetts are looking to cancel the automatic renewal of parking stickers.
All parking stickers will be expired in February and will need to be requested yearly now.
The stickers are still free, but must be requested by each resident on a yearly basis and show a valid id, or utility bill within the last 60 days.
But why is the city canceling automatic renewals for parking s... Read more

Published: 01/30/20

New 2020 Sustainable Wine Label Materials Coming Soon

Label printers will soon have more options and materials to print custom wine labels on.
This means that wineries and wine vineyards will have more options to decorate their labels with.
According to the custom label material manufacturer Avery Dennison, the new material will deliver a premium finish and feel to the wine labels printed on this new material. Why? The reason is to help wine lab... Read more

Published: 01/29/20

U.S. Pushes For New Graphic Warning Labels On Cigarette Packaging

A new warning label could be added to cigarette boxes to help inform the public that smoking kills. If successful, it would be the first update to U.S cigarettes in 35 years.
Health officials in America are trying to make a new label warning law that will go on all cigarette packaging in America.
THE FDA proposed 13 new cigarette packaging graphics that will have warning signs and pictures of sic... Read more

Published: 01/29/20

Israel Introduces 'Red Logo' on Food Labels High in Saturated Fat, Sugar, or Salt

Israel Introduces Red Logo on Custom Labels For Foods High in Saturated Fat, Sugar, or Salt
Starting January 2020 in Israel, food products high with sugar, saturated fat, and salt must have a new custom logo on the label called a “red label”.
What is the need for this new red logo on the food labels? According to the government, the purpose of this new label law is to ... Read more

Published: 01/28/20

6 Facts About Fruit Stickers You Did Not Know

Everyone has been to the grocery store and seen the various fruits with fruit stickers on them. You might have seen the labels so often, that your eye skims right over them and don’t even bother to look at them anymore.
Here are 10 facts about fruit stickers that you might not have known.
#1 – Fruit stickers are edible and safe to consume. Not that you would want too on purpose, but i... Read more

Published: 01/24/20

1/ 4 of Products Sold In America Are Private Label Products

According to Private Label Manufacturers, 1 in 4 products sold in the United States are private custom label or store brands. The Private label manufacturers organization say that the custom label market grew by 4.4% in 2018, adding $5.5 billion in sales to make a total of $129 billion.
The group’s survey also showed that the common response from consumers was: “in general, store brand... Read more

Published: 01/23/20

Motorworks Brewing Supports Adoptable Dogs On Beer Labels

Bradenton, FL – Bradenton brewery Motoroworks Brewing has printed adoptable dogs on their custom beer labels to support more adoptions for dogs. The beer labels act as a flier, and advertisement for the dogs who need adoption, A flier that people will take note of and read.
Why? The reason is to raise awareness, and it is also getting more people walking through the dog shelter’s doo... Read more

Published: 01/22/20

Manufacturers Will Spend $26.2 Billion in 2020 To Train Employees & Keep Skilled Workers

The amount of workers with very little skills, or no skills in America is only getting worse, according to a new report by CNBC.
Companies are spending more to train their employees and current workforce to secure a future of skilled employees. Manufacturers are expected to spend $26.2 billion on internal and external training initiatives for existing employees, and new employees. This training wi... Read more

Published: 01/21/20

What Changes Were Made To The New 2020 Nutritional Labels?

Are you trying to eat healthier? Or maybe you just want to better understand the ingredients in the foods you are buying?
The new 2020 Nutrition labels on food can help, if you know the correct way to read them.
If you have not seen the updated label in stores yet, just open your pantry and take a look.  The labels are different. Or click here to see some examples of the different labels. ... Read more

Published: 01/15/20

North Carolina Seafood Company Fined $500,000 for Falsely Labeled Crab Meat

Carawan, NC - A North Carolina man will go to prison for one year after selling crabmeat from South America and Asia, that was labeled “Product of USA”, according to ABC 11 News.
Claiming that the crabmeat came from local waters, Philip R. Carawan pleaded guilty for falsely labeling $4 million worth of foreign seafood.
But how often does Seafood label fraud happen? Keep reading below,... Read more

Published: 01/14/20