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The Fresh Market Starts Private Label Product Brand

The grocery store food chain Fresh Market is starting their own private labels product line.
With more than 1,500 private brandded products to be specific.
This new private label brand will be called ‘Everyday Extraordinary’ and according to Fresh Market, will exceed the benchmark comparison brand by at least one attribute.
This new private label brand will now include potato chips... Read more

Published: 11/18/19

Why Are Water Bottle Sales Increasing?

As public outcry increases across American for clean city water, so does purified water bottle  sales.
Custom water bottle labels have been more popular with the public, as more Americans prefer to buy purified water in the bottle from a private label water company they trust.
Flint Michigan is not the only American city or state to have problems with clean tap water. Reno Nevada, Chicago, D... Read more

Published: 11/16/19

Food Date Labels Get An Update

The average American family wastes about $1,800 a year because of confusing food labels that say 'use by', 'expires on', and 'best buy' on food products. So how do we read food expiration date labels the right way?
That will be explained in detail below in this news article.
Maybe the date labels can learn something from the Proposition 65 California warning labels on how to organize ... Read more

Published: 11/15/19

Private Label Products Vs Name Brand Products

Private labels on products has surpassed $143 billion in sales over the past year. This is an increase in $14 billion since 2015, according to Nielsen’s Total Consumer Report.
The rise in sales of private label products is obvious, consumers have become “much more willing to splurge on store brands than they would for name brands” according to Nielsen.
Many consumers have stated... Read more

Published: 11/14/19

Milk Beverage Company Dean Foods Files For Bankruptcy

Dean Foods has announced they have filed for bankruptcy on November 12th 2019.
Dean foods brands specializes in traditional dairy products like Organic Valley Milk, Dairy Pure Milk, TruMoo chocolate Milk, Friendlys ice cream, Deans ice cream, yogurt, and Dairy pure sour cream.
The dairy beverage company and Milk processor stated “Despite our best efforts to make our business more agile an... Read more

Published: 11/14/19

Why Are Eco Friendly Labels Trending?

Eco friendly labels have become more popular in recent years because consumers have learned more about non sustainable seafood.
For example, a simple walk down your seafood isle and you might find yourself asking is this seafood wild or farmed? Is it local of imported? If farmed, was it grown in an environmentally friendly way? Is it high in mercury? Or tainted by the fisheries farms with antibiot... Read more

Published: 11/13/19

What Is A Plate Charge?

Does your quote or invoice have a ‘plate charge’?
If your have a plate charge on your custom labels quote this means that your labels have been quoted on the flexographic label press.
A plate is a rubber material that is made to put onto the press. Plates are required to run this flexographic label press, as your artwork is taken from the plate, and printed onto the label material.
I... Read more

Published: 11/12/19

Digital Labels vs Flexographic Labels: What Is The Difference?

Difference between digital printing and flexographic printing
 When printing custom labels there are two different types of label printers a consumer can use. Below we will talk about the advantage of each method of printing custom product labels.
Digital Labels Printing
The first option is digital labels, this is best for start up companies who don’t need a lot of labels at first. ... Read more

Published: 11/11/19

Consumer’s Guide For Buying Custom Labels Online

Now that you have selected your label colors, and you have selected the best material for your custom labels, you are ready to order and print your labels.
But before you put in a Request for quote (RFQ) the five tips below might help with some foresight and save you time.
Some of the top things to remember when getting your custom labels quote is the size of the label, the number of labels you... Read more

Published: 11/08/19

Materials Guide: What Label Material Is Best For You?

So now that you have decided on using CMYK or Pantone colors for your labels, you are now ready to choose your custom label’s material.
You might be wondering which label material do I choose for my custom labels?  
When choosing your custom label material it’s important to keep in mind:
What are you using this label for?
Today there are many different label materials to us... Read more

Published: 11/07/19