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CMYK vs Spot Colors: How to Choose?

Many times a day new customers ask us, what is a spot color? Or what is better CMYK or spot colors?
A spot color, or aka, Pantone color is a proprietary color space used in various industries in America and Europe, but mostly in graphic design, printing, and manufacturing.  
In custom label printing it’s common for label printers to use pantone colors to ensure accuracy across all th... Read more

Published: 11/06/19

2019 Award Winning Custom Beer Labels

October is beer month, also known as Octoberfest, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate our local Craft Breweries and their beautifully creative beer labels.
Every year many label printers submit hundreds of custom labels for awards to 3 different associations, but only a few labels get awarded and win.
We enter our expertly printed custom labels every year to 3 of the most prestigious prin... Read more

Published: 10/15/19

What Do Labels on Sunscreen Bottles Really Mean?

If you want the best sun protection for your skin, then it's important to understand how to read the sunscreen product label to get the best product for your skin. So how do you read the custom sunscreen labels?
For starters it should be noted that many popular sunscreen bottle labels will use clever marketing to make you think you are buying what you need, like using the words 'baby' or 'kid' o... Read more

Published: 09/19/19

EPA Won’t Approve Warning Labels That Say Roundup Causes Cancer

Custom warning labels on the weed killer product called 'Round up', manufactured by Monsanto is dividing the world faster than the upcoming presidential 2020 election.
In 2017 the state of California declared that the chemical glyphosate, which is the main chemical and active ingredient in the weed killer Roundup, is a toxic carcinogen.  
The chemical manufacturer, Monsanto challenged ... Read more

Published: 09/13/19

How Do I Get An I Voted Sticker On Election Day?

I voted stickers are proudly worn after a person executes their right to vote. 
The I voted sticker is more than just a custom sticker, it’s a sign of symbolism, saying that we are free as Americans to elect any person or government official that we think is best for office.
Voting Historiy in America
Eligibility to vote in the United States is established both through the United... Read more

Published: 09/09/19

Bay Tech Label Is A Certified Green Label Printer

Bay Tech Label Company is proud to announce that we are a SGP (Sustainable Green Printing) certified label printer.
This means our company is certified in green label printing and tag printing practices.
The SGP certification is recognized and supported by major brands worldwide like 3M, macys, and SEARS.    
SGP is the printing industry’s most advanced supply chain certific... Read more

Published: 08/27/19

UL Labels For Your Business

Do you need UL labels for your product?In the past it was expensive and confusing to buy UL labels, there was too many label choices for the customers and many times, the customer would get overwhelmed.  Bay Tech Label company has found a solution to this problem, and it will save you, the customer time and money. You will also get a better quality UL label, and get it printed faster. Working ... Read more

Published: 08/21/19

Buy Color Dymo Labels At Bay Tech Label Company

Are you searching online for white, clear or colored Dymo labels for your Dymo LabelWriter?At BayTech Label we print all different types of clear and colored Dymo labels.
Dymo labels use direct thermal transfer (Heat) so you dont need to get messy with expensive ink or toner cartridges.
We carry many different colors of Dymo labels like Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Purple, Clear, Stripes, Piggybac... Read more

Published: 08/16/19

Additional UL Label Approvals

As of 6/2018, Bay Tech Label has added 20 new and improved UL Label constructions!
Needing Clear, White, Brite Silver or Satin (gray) Silver UL labels? Preprinted or blank and some include options for variable print or serial numbers or lot codes available as well.
Bay Tech Label has become a one stop shop for UL Certified Labels.
UL Authorized Label Suppliers Program (PGAA)
As an UL Autho... Read more

Published: 06/11/18

Bay Tech Label adds 3000sq ft expansion.

A big thanks to our amazing staff and everyone else who has made our 30 years of business in Saint Petersburg, Florida possible.
Why is Bay Tech Label, a manufacturer of tags, labels and flexible packaging, booming in St. Petersburg?
Owner of Bay Tech Label and City Council member, Karl Nurse gives his insight:
“Pinellas County has the second highest concentration of manufacturing in the S... Read more

Published: 10/06/17