Artwork Upload

Submitting Art Files

1. ART FILE - We prefer vector .AI files (Adobe Illustrator) saved with a PDF preview.

  • All art submissions should include "linked" support files, if applicable.
  • All vector art submissions should include all Fonts used, OR outline the artwork before sending.

2. PDF FILE (PDF should match the working art file).

Please indicate: (in a separate email to your Bay Tech Label CSR)

  • The TYPE of file being sent.
  • The finished size and shape of your label.
  • The colors used in the file (include PANTONE numbers).

Most Important

  • ALL FONTS AND SUPPORT FILES used in your art MUST be provided for proper output.
  • Sending live fonts are preferred rather than converting to paths/outlines.

Below, you will find some useful information to help you stay current with the ever-changing landscape of graphic design programs and what we require if you are sending artwork to Bay Tech.

Files We Accept (In Order of Preference)

  • Adobe Illustrator - .AI Files (V21 aka “CC 2020” PREFERRED)
  • PDF* - See note below
  • Adobe InDesign (“CS6” PREFERRED) or supply the Idml file
  • QuarkXPress (7.0 or less)
  • Adobe Photoshop ** - See note below
  • We also accept EPS, TIFF, JPEG, or BMP files.** - See note below

 * PDF files are accepted as artwork, but we prefer the original vector .AI files or layered PSD files as well. Sending us a PDF file instead of the original artwork can delay the processing of your artwork.

** Bitmap images must be a minimum of 600ppi (pixels per inch) for line art and type, or 300ppi for grayscale or color images. If your job is being printed using spot colors, we prefer vector art (Illustrator).

We are unable to use the following file formats. If any of your files were designed using these applications, please export and submit a PDF, TIFF or JPG:

  • CorelDRAW
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • WordPerfect
  • Corel PrintHouse
  • CAD Drawings as Artwork

Preflight Preparation

The more you can do in this area, the quicker the process is to get your labels produced.

Preflight preparation is the process of collecting, updating, and sending files or applications to a printer for production. Preflight preparation uncovers missing data or fonts, misplaced illustrations, trapping errors, incorrect sizing, and other important details. The first thing to include is the primary document, whether in Illustrator, QuarkXPress, or Photoshop. Check above to ensure we have the current version of the software you're using. If there are compatibility problems, you may need to submit a PDF file for output.

Be sure to include all fonts with the documents you submit. We may not have a specific font, so include the screen and printer fonts, in addition to bold, italic, and other versions. Include additional font dingbats or end-marks as well, if applicable. Most printers use Type 1 Fonts or TrueType Fonts. Type 1 and TrueType Fonts use different kerning and spacing methods. Using the wrong version can damage the text flow and layout.

Include hardcopies of the illustrations, images, and photographs with the application file if you want to provide your final color match. RGB color is not used in color printing; please convert to CMYK before submitting.

CMYK: a four-color process using a percentage value of colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This process is used for printed graphics.

RGB: a three-color, color spectrum using values of the additive colors red, green and blue, producing visible light. This spectrum is used for video graphics.

SPOT: a one-color process (or multiple spot colors) using percentages of full color and the tinting, screening, or shading of additive colors.

Please do a color separation to verify all text and images separate correctly before sending your file.