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The Global Label Printing Market Will Reach $49.9 Billion in 2024

The global market for label printing and private labels has been growing steady from 2014 to 2019.
The Future of label printing in 2024 will be valued at $41.02 billion, says a recent report by Smithers Pira’s.
In 2018 the label printing market was valued at $39.46 billion. They also predict the industry will grow at a rate of 4.0% to $49.90 billion in 2024.
The research predicts that:

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Published: 12/18/19

Private Label Brands Are Driving More Store Foot Traffic

Private labels have been around for decades now, but why are private labels and brands becoming a new popular trend all of a sudden?
Years ago, private labels were just an afterthought for retailers and chain stores. The word “generic” was often used on these custom labels with simple black text and white labeling.
Today, this method has been flipped on it’s head, because the pr... Read more

Published: 12/17/19

Singapore Researchers Urge Seafood Label Reform After Finding Pork DNA in Seafood Products

Professor Rudolf Meier, the principal investigator of the research has found that many seafood products contain DNA from other meats like chicken and pork. The seafood labels do not list the other meats like pork and chicken, which is a problem.
“It’s rare that mislabeled seafood is a health hazard. For example, none of the mislabeled items in our study would have caused any harm if th... Read more

Published: 12/17/19

Judge Sides With Plant Based Labels

Arkansas recently passed a law that would ban all plant based meat labels and products from claiming they are meat.
According to the law, Meat manufacturers of plant-based foods cannot put “burger”, “sausage”, “roast”, or “meat” on their custom labels.
'Act 501' Law Favors The Meat & Cattle Industry
The Law is called “Act 501” and ... Read more

Published: 12/16/19

New Food Labels With Exercise Information Could Reduce Obesity

How long would you need to exercise or run to burn off the calories of the candy bar you just ate?
A recent paper is currently studying to see if providing these answers on food packaging can reduce obesity. This new way of doing food labels could change the entire food industry.  A recent study reported that "Evidence shows that current front-of-pack nutrition information on food [and] drink... Read more

Published: 12/16/19

Tips On How To Read CBD Labels

CBD labels have been the buzz around the city recently. But how do you read these labels?
Nutritional labels and food labels are already super confusing to read, and now you can add CBD labels to the list.
CBD is more than popular than ever, but do customers know the product they are buying?
Unfortunately, Consumers need to be wise today to understand CBD product labels clearly. This includ... Read more

Published: 12/12/19

9 Words To Avoid On Your Wine Labels

How did you design your wine labels?
Did you hire a professional graphics artist? Or maybe you did it yourself?
Which ever you choose, you might want to avoid these 9 words on your custom wine labels, according to Winemag.

Handcrafted – This wine terminology means nothing. Because every wine is handcrafted, so a certain point. Have you ever seen a wine label that says ‘mach... Read more

Published: 12/11/19

Man Collects Vintage Fruit Stickers From 1885- 1955

Tom Spellman began collecting vintage packing labels, citrus labels, and fruit stickers for boxes about 40 years ago in California.
In 1980 he found himself sitting in a bare, wood paneled trailer office while working at a local California avocado and citrus nursery, so he decided to stick a few citrus fruit stickers to the walls. The citrus labels and stickers came from citrus crates.
Now 40 y... Read more

Published: 12/11/19

Coca-Cola 'Star Wars' Bottles Have Light-Up Lightsaber Labels

The latest trending Christmas Toys may not be what you think it is.
Coca-Cola has announced they are printing limited edition Star wars labels, but wait it gets better.
Limited Edition Star Wars Coke Bottles

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Check out these awesome Coca Cola light up Star Wars lightsaber bottles exclusive to Singapore and launched at this years Singapore C... Read more

Published: 12/10/19

United States Cattlemen's Association (USCA) Says Consumers Deserve Accurate Meat Labels

The national Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has issued a press release confirming their policy on supporting voluntary country of origin labels, or aka ‘COOL’. These new meat labels on steak, chicken, seafood and other poultry would help consumers know where the meat came from.
“Specifically, NCBA is seeking solutions to the labeling requirements and verification proce... Read more

Published: 12/09/19