A Guide to IRC Labels

IRC Labels

Instant redeemable coupon (IRC) labels are coupons that are attached directly to your product and can be peeled off and used at the point of purchase. Companies have been using coupons for decades to drive the sales of their brands and IRC labels are a popular persuasion tool as customers are looking for ways to save money.

The recent pandemic created a shift in consumer behaviors, and they are actively seeking value more than ever before. In a Valassis survey, 61% of respondents indicated coupons or discounts could inspire them to try a new brand, and 54% said it would lead them to make an impulse purchase. Additionally, 60% said a coupon would speed up their purchase decision.

Grow Sales with IRC Labels

IRCs are a great way to convert shoppers to new customers and reward valued customers. Customers love them because they don’t have to find them, clip them, and carry them to the store. They allow you to engage directly with customers and potential customers at the point of sale while providing benefits to your brand. Some of the ways they can be used include:

  • Motivate impulse purchases – Providing savings or other deals can motivate a shopper to make a purchase that they were not planning on making.
  • Encourage additional purchases – IRC labels allow you to provide discounts when multiple purchases are made – for example, save $1 when you buy two.
  • Cut your losses – When perishable items don’t sell, your shrink increases, and you lose money. Using an IRC to discount the product, buyers are more likely to purchase it before it spoils and generate revenue that might have been lost.
  • Cross-promote your products – For products that complement each other, such as shampoo and conditioner or peanut butter and jelly, a product coupon can help to promote the complementary product.
  • Provide contest or sweepstakes – Even though it says coupon in its name, an IRC label doesn’t have to be a money-saving coupon. Creating contest or sweepstakes game pieces or instant win prizes is a fun way to engage customers.
  • Expand product information – The additional space can be used to provide other information about your product.

IRCs Can Strengthen Your Customer Relationship

One of the benefits of IRCs is that they allow you to interact with your customers and build trust, which can lead to loyal, repeat customers. In addition to providing an instant coupon, consider adding a QR code to drive customers to your website or landing page for additional offers. This allows you to capture customer email addresses to incorporate them into your email campaigns, further strengthening their bond with your brand.

How an IRC Works

An IRC typically has a backing with an adhesive that sticks to the packaging. The backing can be transparent so you can see the product packaging when the top layer is peeled. A top printed layer peals cleanly off the backing paper. The dry-release construction means that there is no sticky residue left on the product or the coupon. An all-temperature adhesive allows labels to be used in cold conditions, such as refrigerated or frozen foods, without worrying about them falling off.

The IRC provides two printing surfaces – the front and back panels of the coupon, allowing you additional space for information. IRCs can be printed with multiple colors to match your brand if you are looking for an option that complements your brand. On the other hand, some brands choose to create a look that stands out to provide a pop that can grab the customer’s attention.

Need Help with IRCs? Bay Tech Label Can Help

If you think IRC labels may help you sell more products but aren’t sure where to start, give us a call. We will walk you through every step of the design and printing process and ensure your IRC labels are perfect for your product. We can print your IRC labels on two sides with up to eight colors. We can even make them signature compatible if you want to use them for mail-in rebates.

Contact us today to get more of your products into the hands of your customers with IRC labels.