Benefits of Labels on Rolls And Roll Labels

Labels on Rolls
Labels on Rolls

When label printers are label printing, they have the option to choose labels on rolls, or sheeted labels. The ultimate choice is decided by the end user, the customer before the order is placed.

Here we will go over the advantages of labels on rolls.

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Custom Labels on Rolls

What are the benefits of having your custom labels printed on rolls?

The main advantage is that your custom labels can be applied automatically with a label applicator machine.

This allows you to apply your labels onto the package or bottle much faster.  This reduces high labor costs for manually applying your labels onto your product and makes sure that your labels are consistently applied onto the bottle or packaging.


Roll Size

When label printing on rolls you have the option to choose 250 labels on a roll, 500 labels on a roll, or more depending on your needs and label applicator.


Core Size

Your labels can come on 1” cores or 3” cores depending on your needs.  Custom label printers usually print on a 3” core, but a 1” core is also available.


Wholesale Stickers and Labels

If you are looking for wholesale stickers the best option is to print your labels on rolls. Rolls labels is the most efficient and cost savings way to print your labels. Custom labels on a roll save you money because it is easier for the label printer to complete the job. Sheeted labels can be more expensive because there is more labor involved to organize the stacks of label sheets.