Benefits of Sheeted Labels and Labels on Sheets

Sheeted Labels on sheets
Sheeted Labels on sheets

When label printers are printing custom labels, there are two options to choose, labels on rolls, or sheeted labels.

The ultimate choice is decided by the customer before the order is placed.

Here we will review the advantages of sheeted labels.

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Sheeted Labels and Labels on Sheets

What are the benefits of having your labels on sheets?

The main advantage is that your custom labels can handed out easily to customers or clients.

You just simply tear off a label or sticker and apply it where you need. When the sheet of labels is empty, just grab another sheet and continue your way handing out the labels. Or maybe you need to stick 20 sheets in a box and send them to your customers to apply the stickers later, These are the types of situations where sheeted labels are more efficient.


Sheet Size & Label Size

When label printing on sheets your labels per sheet will depend on the size of the label. The larger your label is, the less labels per sheer you get. The smaller the label, the more labels per sheet you can fit.


Wholesale Labels on Sheets

For wholesale labels the more affordable option is to print your labels on rolls.

If you are looking to hand our labels or apply them by hand, sheeted labels might be your best choice because sheeted labels are more easy to carry and hold with your hands.

Sheeted labels are best for customers who need to send multiple labels to their customer or need to hand out the labels. Rolls labels are not the best choice to hand out labels with because it is harder to take the labels off the roll and hand them out.

When you remove the stickers on rolls they will still have the strip of liner that you will need to tear off and throw in the garbage, this can be clumsy and become a nuisance for those trying to pass out their labels to people or customers.

Custom labels printing can be done with digital label printers or flexographic label printing. Many pressure sensitive label manufacturers have both presses.