Custom Roll Labels Offer Variety and Ease of Use

Custom Roll Labels

Custom roll labels offer brands unique advantages. Whether you are a small business owner with a few SKUs or a well-established company with many SKUs, beautifully printed labels on your retail products can leave a positive impression on your customers. For industrial and other applications, clear print and crisp text can be critical. Even subtle nuances with your labels tell a story (positive or negative) about your company to your customers. It is critical that your roll labels meet the quality expectations your brand demands.

Choosing Roll Labels

When you need bulk labels or a way to apply labels quickly, roll labels are an affordable solution. Roll labels are wound around a core as opposed to being on a flat sheet. Roll labels are generally applied to your bottle, container, or box with labeling equipment in an automated workflow. A label applicator ensures the labels are applied precisely every time, and it is significantly faster than applying them by hand. Roll labels can make the application easier, even if you are applying by hand. The curve of the roll makes peeling the label from the liner easier than a flat sheet.

Roll labels are available in various sizes, shapes, materials, and quantities, providing more options than sheet labels. Each roll can contain 250, 500, or more labels per roll. The core size you need will depend on your equipment and are available in 1 in. and 3 in. diameter cores.

Custom roll labels can be printed on paper, foil, film, or specialty substrates and have a gloss or matte lamination. They can also have UV and specialty varnishes applied when required. The adhesive can be permanent, removable, and food contact safe. The options available may be limited by the printing method used.

Printing Roll Labels

Depending on your need, your custom roll labels can be printed using flexographic, digital, thermal transfer, or direct thermal transfer. Flexographic provides vibrant, colorful labels and is most suitable for large runs. There are more material options with Flexo, such as cold foil, that can’t be printed with other technologies. Digital is an economical choice when colorful, low-volume labels are required or variable print is needed. Thermal transfer printing is used when you need durability, even when the label is exposed to heat or UV light. You can use a color ribbon, but you don’t get the same color options as digital and flexographic printing. Finally, direct thermal printing doesn’t use ink; instead, the labels are heat sensitive, and a heated print head is used to produce letters and graphics. These are only suitable for short-term use.

How to Print Custom Roll Labels

Roll labels can be purchased as blank stock and printed at your facility, but it requires an investment in the correct type of printer. Custom shapes, substrates, adhesives, and coatings may be out of reach as it requires a significant investment in equipment, materials, training to run them, and knowledge to troubleshoot any issues.

A better option is to trust your custom roll labels to the experts at Bay Tech label. We make it simple to get the best label for your application. We will consult with you and walk you through the decisions required to ensure you are using the suitable materials for your label’s environment and purpose.

Tell us about your ideal label, and we will help you make it a reality.