How to Get The Most From Custom Digital Label Printing

Your label always speaks for your product and the right one not only attracts customers but highlights important attributes, informs them on what they need to know, and illustrates your brand. Custom digital label printing is an innovative way to achieve all of the above while drastically cutting production times. Digital printing produces vibrant, high-quality labels that can be used for various products or applications.

If your company rapidly produces new products, regional goods, requires multiple label versions, or needs to be responsive to seasonal changes, custom digital label printing has the ability to economically meet your changing needs. The potential applications don’t end there, however. Pharmaceutical labels that require high detail, specialized medical device labels, as well as industrial, chemical, electrical, nutraceutical, and food and beverage labels are all can be efficiently produced with digital printing.

Custom Digital Label Printing Capabilities to Expect

Whether you are testing new products, following ongoing trends, or producing limited edition items, custom digital label printing is your option of choice. Your digital printing partner should always be able to update their graphic files with ease, and create multiple variations efficiently. If you have small, hard-to-read text, require tight registration, multiple languages, barcodes, or detailed graphics, your partner should have custom digital printing solutions to ensure your label is clear and easy to read with high resolution.

As a full-service label supplier, Bay Tech Label offers die cut labels with up to 8 colors and ensures the readability of every product. We ensure the label will perform as needed once applied and offer many different substrates for printing including paper, film, and foil. Keeping environmental aspects such as moisture, UV light, and wear and tear in mind, we have specialty varnishes, gloss, and matte overlaminates, as well as special functioning adhesives, to ensure your label sticks properly.

Seamlessly Print Multiple Label Versions

On a digital press, you have the flexibility to print numerous label variations at the same time, so long as each label is the same size and printed on the same material. In this way, with custom digital label printing, you are able to combine the label needs of multiple products into one run. For example, if your brand offers multiple beverage flavors, you would have the ability to print every flavor variation in the same run.

Boost Productivity with Broad Manufacturing Capabilities

Small and large companies alike benefit from custom digital label printing. At Bay Tech Label, we meet both ends of the spectrum — from small to large runs, both at competitive pricing. Small companies with low quantity orders value the professional look while companies with larger orders find the tradeoff in cost and speed for high resolution well worth it. When considering a new label printing partnership, you should always confirm whether the supplier you have in mind has the capacity to efficiently and economically meet your ongoing production needs.

Custom digital label printing requires minimal setup for each run, allowing Bay Tech Label to have the ability to maintain shorter than normal lead times with flexible quantities. Additionally, we pass down the benefits of our recently upgraded equipment down to customers in terms of enhanced efficiency, quality, and customer experience.

Traditional Flexographic or Custom Digital Label Printing?

While both flexographic and custom digital label printing have their highlights, digital printing takes less time to set up. Digital printing operates more like a desktop laser printer, with the ability to print all colors at once and send graphic design files directly to the press. Flexographic printing transfers an image onto a printing plate before pressing the image onto a label, requiring one plate for each color used on your label. As a result, flexographic printing uses significantly more ink to print an image than directly from a digital file.

Whereas traditional flexographic printing is a faster, more cost-effective, printing option for large quantities of individual labels, custom digital label printing gives you more freedom and flexibility without the initial setup investment. Get quality results with unlimited colors, without the extra cost for each one. Adjust your labeling as your products evolve and maintain the highest level of control over the labels produced. Change as often as you need simply and inexpensively without plates, ink stations, and with minimal setup time. Additionally, creating multiple versions is a quick fix and achieved by re-sending any updated designs directly to the press.

A Sustainable Printing Option

Custom digital label printing offers an easy way to print on recycled substrate, and order exactly what you need, when you need it, with minimal waste. Compared to traditional printing methods, digital printing is more ecologically friendly and produces less overall waste during the printing process. For instance, there is no need to create or wash off plates. Additionally, once a production run finishes, there are no plates remaining that may no longer be needed.

Bay Tech Label is Sustainable Green Printing Certified. From recycling to reducing energy consumption and complying with environmental regulations, we tackle every environmental concern transparently. We will work with you to achieve your sustainability goals and initiatives for your label in a way that is socially responsible.

Is Custom Digital Label Printing The Best Option For You?

If you are concerned about changing your labels with minimal notice, considering minimizing production waste, or seeking high-resolution labels, custom digital label printing will help you print low quantity orders without compromising on the look and feel. With over 35 years of experience, Bay Tech Label has served the needs of clients across a variety of industries and is here to provide you with the best custom digital label printing solutions for your application.

Start your digital printing journey today for the freedom and flexibility you need with custom printed labels. Consult with our expert team for your next project.