Where Can I Buy High-Temperature Adhesive Labels?

A product label always requires specialized adhesive and materials to make the product label withstand an extreme temperature. Generally, the heat resistant labels contain different properties depending upon the label material’s combination and the type of adhesive used. This affects the overall characteristics of this label. 

A high-temperature adhesive label is known as heatproof stickers or temperature indicator sticker, able to withstand a temperature up to 730.4 degrees Fahrenheit. It holds the ability to withstand solvent washes, infrared ovens, or ultrasonic cleaning. These labels can be bought either in blank form or printed with logos or barcodes.

Buying temperature label tags can be a daunting process. The labels should be expert-tested to guarantee maximum safety and quality of the products. Keep on reading to discover how these high-temperature custom label tags work and where these high-quality labels can be bought from. 

How Do High-Temperature Labels Work?

High-temperature labels or heat-resistant tags can be used for a range of industrial applications. Ideally, these temperature control labels and tags are used on ceramics, metal products, or in ovens for any food items. These are available in a multi-range of finishes starting from gloss, silver to metallic for multiple industry applications. 

Such labels are highly preferred by a wide range of industries as it helps to keep up a professional and an attractive appearance irrespective of the application. When the products are faced with harsh climates and conditions, these durable tags can be up for challenges and protect them. 

These time-temperature label tags can also be printed with text, logo, etc. They have multiple characteristics depending on their materials. Therefore, not all the temperature control labels tags perform or work the same way. Some of these tags can withstand prolonged extreme temperatures whilst others can’t withstand it for an extended time. 

The way the custom labels tags work includes:

Speeding Up The Turnaround Times

The shipping temperature labels speed up the turnaround times in relevant high-temperature processing places. By applying this high-temperature tag to the products can better the overall efficiency of the process. Besides improving efficiency, it also helps to maintain instructional information and product safety.

Increasing Brand Identity 

The majority of the high-temperature custom label tags can be printed in different colors with brand logos and information. These are also available in a wide range of label sizes. Ceramic coated adhesive labels require resin-based thermal ribbons to print on them. Yet, it works charmingly to increase the manufacturer’s identity.

Reducing The Chances Of Mis-identification 

A range of time-temperature labels tag is designed with durability and supreme strength to withstand extreme temperatures. Since these labels can be attached to all products it eliminates the chances of the product’s mid-identification in the high-temperature processing environment. 

To yield the maximum benefits of these custom label tags, it’s important to consider the reasons behind their application. There are non-reversible temperature labels and reversible temperature label tags available for use for traceability, tracking, and stock control. Still, other factors should be considered to maximize the effect. 

Order Professional High-Temperature Adhesive Labels Today

Typical product tags aren’t designed to withstand extreme temperature for a prolonged period of time. This is a serious problem for manufacturers of a diverse range of industries since they seek high-temperature adhesive labels to ensure their product’s safety and prevent misidentification. 

At Bay Tech Label, we understand the significance of rightly labeling your products. Hence, we offer a range of high-temperature custom label tags made using both cold-resistant and heat-resistant materials. Contact us today to choose the ideal type of high-temperature tag depending upon the unique needs of products and other factors.