Where Can You Buy Personalized Wine Labels?

The wines industry is one of the most competitive in the world. New wine brands come up every day and are forced to compete with established brands. At the center of branding, is the need to have well-designed and visible wine labels.

custom wine labels

Personalized wine labels help brands stand out from the crowd. However, without the best wine label printer,  it can be a challenge for new brands to compete with already established ones. The wine label speaks a lot about the brand in terms of quality. A quality label that is clearly more visible is a big seller.

For brands that are interested in getting personalized wine labels. Bay Tech Label has the right solution. Keep on reading to learn more about the ideal wine labels. 

What are Wine Labels Printed on?

Wine labels come in different types and designs. The material on which the label is printed depends on the quality of wine and the preferences of the manufacturer. In most cases, gold and silver foil is used. The foil is easy to print and attach to any type of bottle.

In other cases, more custom labels can be embroidered directly on the wine bottle. Whichever the case, manufacturers and sellers of wine must be very careful in picking the ideal wine label. Dealing with a company that has experience is recommended.

Below are some of the factors to consider when shopping for wine labels:

Customization and Uniqueness

The first and most important factor to look at is the design. The design and uniqueness of the wine label are used as a branding tool. People recognize wine brands based on their labels and logos. Choose a label maker that is known to make the best designs.

It is easy to print custom wine labels when the printing company has all the tools. When the right personalized wine labels,  are used, they offer value for money and ensure uniqueness for brands.

Quality and Durable

The durability of wine labels is determined by the material on which the label is printed. There are different types of materials used. There are those who use regular printing paper, but that is the lowest quality and may not last. Or durable labels either use gold, silver, or aluminum foil.

As is the case with all custom labels, it is advisable to print custom wine labels that are durable based on the storage of the drink. Wine bottles are sometimes kept for years. In some cases, they stay in the freezer or refrigerator for days without proper labels, such that they can be damaged.


Ideally, a wine label should be water-resistant. Most of the best custom labels used by leading brands are water-resistant. When a company chooses to print custom wine labels, the idea of water resistance must be considered. Thankfully all metallic foil labels such as gold and silver are water-resistant.


The other factor that counts when shopping for print custom wine labels is the pricing. Don't go for overpriced labels when there are cheap options in the market. Go for the best custom labels but also consider pricing that offers value for money. 

Buying Print Custom Wine Labels Today

2020 Organic and Cotton Wine Label Material

Print custom wine labels are very important to those operating in the wine industry. These custom labels enhance brand visibility and differentiate wine brands. They are also vital for providing some background information. Unfortunately, there are few companies capable of delivering quality custom labels.

Baytechlabel.com is the one brand that has been proven to design, customize and print quality labels for all industries including wine and spirits. We work with our customers in designing and sending custom wine labels with photo evidence for confirmation. If you would love to use our services, fill this contact form.