173rd Fighter Wing of US Military Warns Airmen To Avoid CBD Products

US military Warns About CBD Product Use
US Military Warns About CBD Labels & Product Use

Officers with the 173rd Fighter Wing stationed at Kingsley Field warn service members to avoid cbd products. They say that these cbd products could return positive drug tests and potential “separation from service”.

How is CBD Legal?

CBD derives from hemp, and hemp has been legalized nationwide recently. Because hemp comes from marijuana, it can still contain THC. THC has been legal in Oregon for several years but remains illegal on the federal level. A good example of this is how marijuana labels and products are allowed to be sold in California, yet Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level.

US Military Warns About CBD Labels & Products

“The leadership at the 173rd Fighter Wing wants to ensure all personnel know that using any derivative of the cannabinoid plant is not authorized for any federal employees or service member and could result in a positive drug test and separation from service,” says Orgeron.

“Many of these products are now available in our local community and military members may not be aware,” said Col. Brad Orgeron, the 173rd Fighter Wing vice-commander.

He goes on to say that “CBD oils and hemp derivative products are beginning to appear in commercially available food and beverage products along with personal care products.”

A statement from the Fighter Wing leadership listed CBD lotions, bath salts, teas, vaporizers, candy and pet treats which are not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The results of this are that you can never know exactly how much of CBD or THC is in a consumer product.

The Fighter wing sourced a 2017 CBD study by doctor Marcel Bonn Miller, Ph.D. The CBD study examined 84 cbd products sold on the internet, the report found that only 31% of the product labels were accurate, and 21% contained THC, when the private labels advertised 0% THC.

“We want to ensure we arm them with the facts so they can make informed decisions and not inadvertently jeopardize their military careers,” said Maj. Jason Gammons, a spokesperson for the Air Force Office of The Judge Advocate General.

The United States Military has a Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) which can punish military service members who posses or use "marijuana, and any compound or derivative of any such substance." Even a small amount of THC detected in a military drug test could result in punishment according to the Air Force.

“The wing commits exhaustive resources in recruiting, training, and retaining our service members who are technically skilled and valuable to our team. We simply cannot afford to lose any Airmen to drug abuse,” said Officer Orgeron.

5 Facts About CBD Labels & Products

CBD Statistics
CBD Statistics & Facts

CBD labels have been the talk of the town recently as cbd products have become an on the fence topic. The reason is because many states have different laws, and those laws are sometimes different than the federal laws. To make things worse many CBD labels are not accurate and have more or less of what is advertised. Lets take a look below at the CBD label statistics to find the facts about cbd products.