Equipment Upgrades Positively Impact Price, Quality & Delivery

Equipment Upgrades Positively Impact Price, Quality & Delivery

For most label customers, price, quality, and delivery are top on their list of concerns when choosing a label partner. At Bay Tech Label, we are always looking to improve upon how we meet our customer needs. One of the ways we do this is through upgrading our equipment to increase efficiency and productivity and use fewer resources. These changes result in faster throughput and more accurate label production, which translates to competitive pricing, higher quality, and faster lead times.

2021 Equipment Upgrades

We’ve invested in several upgrades this year and are excited to share how they benefit our customers.

Here are our equipment upgrades for 2021:

HYBRID Software

Software is the brains of any efficient production operation. Our new HYBRID Software helps us reduce costs, increase accuracy, streamline processes, and speed up turnaround times.

Adjustable Anvils

An anvil is used in diecutting. Having an adjustable anvil allows up to adapt the cutting depth precisely to different liner thicknesses. This reduces waste, eliminates downtime, and increases consistency in runs.

New Motors

If the software is the brain, motors are the muscle. Our new motors use less energy to deliver the same power. These highly efficient motors also reduce power surges.

New State-of-the-Art-Rewinders

In highspeed label printing operations, the rewinder automatically rewinds labels onto a core. The adjustable speed and tension control of the rewinders increase our efficiency and prevent tearing of the liner.

Die Lifts

Dies can be heavy, and manually maneuvering them poses safety risks and can be time consuming. Our investment in die movers increases safety measures and productivity.

LED UV Units

We’ve moved to LED UV units from traditional UV ink and curing systems. Led UV units use less ink, 80% less power, and generate less heat. These units also increase productivity because they dry the ink instantly.

New Plate Making Equipment

Our new plate-making equipment uses less power, eliminates material waste, and has a water filtration unit so we can recycle water wash-out solutions.

Anilox Cleaning Unit

An anilox roll is used in flexographic printing. Ink is transferred to the anilox roll that is engraved with millions of tiny anilox cells. The anilox roll transfers ink to the printing plate. Our new anilox cleaning unit eliminates manual cleaning and recycles the water, which reduces water consumption by 90% and filters out impurities in the waste.

Finishing Equipment

We have updated our finishing equipment to replace our tension systems. The new system’s edge guides lowers waste and improves productivity.

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