Massachusetts To Cancel Automatic Parking Sticker Renewals

Massachusetts Rethinks Parking Stickers
Massachusetts Rethinks Parking Stickers

City officials in Massachusetts are looking to cancel the automatic renewal of parking stickers.

All parking stickers will be expired in February and will need to be requested yearly now.

The stickers are still free, but must be requested by each resident on a yearly basis and show a valid id, or utility bill within the last 60 days.

But why is the city canceling automatic renewals for parking stickers? The reason is because when residents move out of the city, they do not tell the city and fail to cancel the parking sticker. This increases the number of stickers issued and blocks the city from seeing the real number of active residents who need to park their car. This would allows the city of Massachusetts to see an accurate number of residents who need stickers.

“One very large issue we found was that when residents would move out of the city they would fail to cancel their sticker with the city or properly change their address with the registry,” says Bernabe Rodriguez, the city managers office.

“For the past two or three years, we’ve been automatically renewing stickers so people wouldn’t have to come to City Hall and wait in long lines. This year, we’re changing that for multiple reasons.”

“It’s a new year and we are hoping for a fresh start with a new, correct number of vehicles,” said Rodriguez. “It’s always good to know how many cars are on the streets so we can plan. The better we track of them, the better it is for everyone.”

 Apply for your new sticker permit here.