Missouri & Ohio Pick New I Voted Stickers For Elections

Missouri I Voted Stickers
Missouri I Voted Stickers

Boone County, Missouri has updated their I voted stickers.

A new sticker contest by the State brought over 130 new I voted sticker designs. The designs were submitted by high school students for a chance at being chosen as the official state I voted sticker.  

Audrey Cornell was the winner and the designer of the Missouri stickers.

The stickers will be used in the 2020 elections and the 2021 elections. But the sticker designs don’t stop there.

Ohio Gets New I Voted Stickers

Ohio I Voted Stickers
New Ohio I Voted Stickers

Earlier in 2019 Ohio also held an I voted sticker redesign contest, with the state also choosing a new design by a high school student.

The new sticker has the words “Ohio Voted” with the i in Ohio colored red, that reads i voted like the picture above.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said these stickers will be available for this winter in some polling places. The stickers are bought by his office and are sent to the 88 different county boards of elections in Ohio.

LaRose asked high school students to redesign the artwork for the sticker, he got over 2,000 new designs.

Local election officials will use the old I voted stickers first before getting new ones, so the chances that you get an old sticker is possible. Emily Legg was the stickers designer.

"Go out there and use your voice to vote and now you have fresh new art to wear after you vote," Emily Legg said on a Tuesday news conference unveiling the sticker.

More than 15,500 votes were cast online for the new Ohio sticker designs. Voters had to provide an email address and zip code. LaRose said it is possible that some non Ohio residents voted, but he hoped not.