Coca-Cola 'Star Wars' Bottles Have Light-Up Lightsaber Labels

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Coca-Cola has announced they are printing limited edition Star wars labels, but wait it gets better.

Limited Edition Star Wars Coke Bottles

Starwars Labels
Starwars OLED Labels

The new Coca-Cola beverage labels will also have images of a light saber printer on them. When you touch and press on the label in the right spot, it will light up the light saber red or blue label. How cool is that?

Click here to see it work.

The new drink labels are in honor of “The Rise of Skywalker”, the bad news is that there is only 8000 available, and the private printed labels are only sold in 7-Eleven Singapore. Fans have been asked to go on a “galactic hunt” to track them down.

The limited-edition beverage labels also have no sugar in them.

The Star Wars "#GalacticHunt"

Future hunts are schedules for December 13th, 14th 15th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd in 2019.

Those who successfully solve the riddles by Coca-Cola Singapore will find a “gatekeeper” who is “secretly positioned” near a 7-Elven, according to Coke. The winners will be awarded one pass each, to be redeemed for a light up bottle at the convince store.

“Keep your eyes on these Limited Edition Lighted ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Coca-Cola No Sugar Bottles! In anticipation of the upcoming movie, we will be releasing 5 clues to 5 locations per day on our FB, IG, and website on where to get your hands on one over the next 3 weekends,” the beverage company explained on social media last week.

“Let the #GalacticHunt begin!”

Custom Beverage Labels

The beverage bottles come in two different designs, featuring Rey with a blue light saber, and Kylo Ren with a red light saber. The  custom labels were produced by a German technology company called Inuru. The beverage labels have light emitting diode inside them, or (OLEDS). When the OLED’s are pressed it completes the circuit, allowing the light saber to illuminate, only when pressed in the correct spot.

According to Coca-Cola Singapore, each beverage bottle is equipped to illuminate about 500 times, For around 5 seconds each.

Experts say the best way to keep these collectibles at maximum value is to keep them on the shelf next to your Yoda and Boba Fett action figures.