New 2020 Sustainable Wine Label Materials Coming Soon

2020 Organic and Cotton Wine Label Material
2020 Organic and Cotton Wine Label Material

Label printers will soon have more options and materials to print custom wine labels on.

This means that wineries and wine vineyards will have more options to decorate their labels with.

According to the custom label material manufacturer Avery Dennison, the new material will deliver a premium finish and feel to the wine labels printed on this new material.

Why? The reason is to help wine labels ‘pop’ out more on the store shelves and attract more attention for the consumers eyes.

Consumers have been more adamant about organic and sustainable sticker printing in recent years. As technology improves in the wine label printing industry, so does materials and methods. Private label printing for wine bottles is always changing, so lets check out some of the most recent material trends happening with wine labels.

Sustainable Wine Labels

This new label material is also manufactured with sustainable materials, which more consumers are demanding for their labels in 2020.

There are three different cotton-based wine label materials coming, and there are another three organic wine label materials made from organic and recycled content.

The three cotton label materials come in pure cotton, cotton feel, and black cotton.

The three organic label materials are available in hemp, crush citrus, and crush barley.

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