Election Stickers & Nametags

I Voted Stickers and Election Nametags are perfect for County, State, or National Elections.

Pass out I Voted Stickers to voters on election days to stick on their T-shirts to display they made their vote count and motivate others to go vote.

Our Election Nametags are a great way for voters to identify campaign volunteers and staff members from their fellow voters. There are two options to choose from: Adhesive Nametags for clothing and Non-Pressure Sensitive Name Badges for lanyards.

I Voted Stickers and Nametags are manufactured with adhesive designed to stick well to T-shirts and other fabrics. Our labels are durable and bright, and will stick on jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, laptops, and mobile phones!

Our I Voted Stickers are printed for political organizations or individuals hosting an election day party for family and friends.

Custom I Voted Stickers can be made with your county, city, or state information.

What are you waiting for? Order Voting Stickers using our Online Store or contact us for a Custom Voting Sticker Quote today!