Buy Jewelry Tags and Labels

Jewelry Tags & Labels
Jewelry Tags & Labels

How do you tag and label your jewelry?

Many jewelers like to buy their labels online from Bay Tech Label company. Our online labels store is great for purchasing stock labels like jewelry labels, I voted stickers, and dymo labels.

Many jewelry retailers and suppliers use jewelry tags to label their fine jewelry, antique jewelry, branded designer jewelry, diamonds, rubies, gemstones, earrings, rings, watches, bracelets, and necklaces.

Custom Blank Jewelry Tags

Our professional custom hang tags for jewelry allow your customers to see the price, gold carat amount, and description of the jewelry. These labels come blank in Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer so you can choose the information to print on your custom labels.

Jewelry Product Labels

Display your jewelry with professional tags and connect with your customers. Do you have handmade pieces? Do you support local charities? Tag your entire Jewry stock and keep it organized and labeled. These are all custom messages you can print on your jewelry product labels.

Below we will review the different shapes of of jewelry tags, colors, and materials to find the best for you.


Rattail Jewelry Tags

These labels come in Thermal Transfer and Direct thermal. Please check which one your label printer uses.

Rattail Jewelry tags
Rattail Jewelry tags

Uses: Wrap the tail end of this tag around your jewelry, then simply fold over the rectangle tabs on each other to make a professional tag. Your ring or jewelry piece will be securely attached to the item and will remove with no mess! The rattail section of the label has no adhesives, allowing your jewelry to stay clean with no glue or adhesive on it.

Dumbbell, Barbell & Round Jewelry Tags

Blue Jewelry labels
Color Barbell Jewelry labels

These Barbell and dumbbell tags are another great way to tag your jewelry products.

Uses: These are essentially the opposite of the rattail tags. Place your diamond ring or necklace in the middle where there is no adhesive, then simply fold over the rectangle pieces on top of each other.