Bay Tech Label Is A Certified Green Label Printer

Bay Tech Label Company is proud to announce that we are a SGP (Sustainable Green Printing) certified label printer.

Green Label Printers
Bay Tech Label Company, Is Proud to be a certified green label printer.
This means our company is certified in green label printing and tag printing practices.

What is Sustainable Green Printing (SGP)?


SGP Label Printer Certified
Bay Tech Label Company is a certified SGP Label Printer.
The SGP certification is recognized and supported by major brands worldwide like 3Mmacys, and SEARS.   

SGP is the printing industry’s most advanced supply chain certification authority, driving profits, efficiency, and accountability for the world’s leading brands.

As of today, macys has produced 41,859 MWh of clean energy from solar power, and have reduced their carbon foot print by 168.4 tons of carbon.

Sustainable Green Printing has a mission to make SGP certification the sustainability requirement of choice among printers, print buyers, and the larger print community.

84 solar panels

One megawatt (MW) is equivalent to the energy produced by 10 automobile engines. Another comparison, is that one megawatt (MW) can power about 165 homes in America.

What Does SGP Do?

SGP improves profitability and efficiency through a holistic sustainability certification program. Each certified SGP printer must commit to:

  • Reduce waste and hazardous materials
  • Conserve energy
  • Source sustainable materials
  • Lower its carbon footprint
  • Create a safer workplace
  • Conform to all relevant environmental, health, safety & labor laws
  • Adopt a comprehensive annual continuous improvement project
  • Undergo a third-party recertification audit every two years

On average, SGP label printers have eliminated 78 tons of landfill waste. Reduced energy usage by 367 kWh, and Lower greenhouse gas emission by 2.42 tons, along with increasing solvent recycling by more than 76%.

Bay Tech Label Is A Certified Green Label Company

Product Labels

SGP Certified green label printers like Bay Tech Label company have contributed in helping reduce waste on the earth.

When printing labels and tags, being a green label printer goes beyond just saving on ink and material waste.

Everyday Bay Tech Label company is saving the world from unnecessary pollution and waste. Helping to make a more clean earth for the future generations to come.


Green Plastic Pallets
  • By being a member of and supporting FSC companies (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • Using our in house ink recycling station, we can reuse 100% of our inks.
  • By using LED lights in our building
  • Solar powered building water heaters.
  • High SEER HVAC. (a high efficiency Air conditioner and heater)
  • By using double paned windows, our building stays better insulated, saving on air conditioning and heating.
  • Our compressed air is produced more efficiently.
  • Our new stock room is super insulated, keeping the material safe from heat and destruction.
  • By using FLEXcon as a material supplier, we support a zero waste facility.
  • By using more thin label material, we also save on energy production costs, shipping, and waste.
  • By using plastic pallets, we can reuse the same pallet to ship items over and over, reducing wood pallet manufacturing.
  • By recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles in our lunch room.
  • By re-using cardboard boxes in good condition.

These are just some of the ways Bay Tech Label company is reducing the carbon foot print on earth, and we are not stopping there.


By choosing FLEXcon for a material supplier, we ensure that we are conscious of the environment and automatically reduce waste, because FLEXcon is a zero waste facility.

Another company called Top Value Fabrics (TVF) has recently made a fabric entirely from 100% recyclable plastic water bottles, this new product is called 'Deko-Green fabric'. TVF is an avid supporter of the (SGIA) Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.  SGIA is a trade association of choice for professionals in the packaging and commercial printing communities looking to grow their business into new market segments through the incorporation of the latest printing technologies.  

By reducing our electricity costs with a solar powered building, we have reduced our carbon foot print on the earth. But this isnt the only way Bay Tech label company is going green.

By keeping our label colors accurate, we can also reduce ink waste. By saving on ink waste, we also save on label material waste. Bay Tech Label is proud to announce that we have an Ink recycler. This saves our customer's more money. It also helps us offer more labels to you, for a cheaper price.

Source = SGP Partnership