Why CBD Product Labels & Digital Label Printing Make A Nice Match

CBD labels and products
CBD labels and products

Five years ago it was ecigs and vaporizer products that were flying off the shelves. Now in 2019 the new trend is CBD and Marijuana products.

As of October 19th 10 States in America have passed laws that regulate cannabis like alcohol.

The 10 states are:

  1. Alaska
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Illinois
  5. Maine
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Michigan
  8. Nevada
  9. Oregon
  10. Washington

27 other States in America have bills to legalize marijuana, and polls show that 2/3 Americans support legalizing marijuana. To add to it all, the entire nation of Canada has legalized marijuana. The times have changed and this new open mindedness has helped to create an whole new labels and packaging market. In the states that have legalized marijuana there are dispensaries, stores that sell cannabis and cbd products.

New CBD Products & Trends

CBD products & labels
CBD Products & Trends

Not only is the marijuana itself legally for sale, but many other products like cbd candy, gummies, cookies, syrups, chocolates, honey, pills, oils, vape juices, and more are now available. Helping to increase the amount of snack and food labels needed. There are even topical cannabis products and cosmetic products in the making from other cbd companies. Medical marijuana has been another popular trend, with many smoking the cannabis outright, or combining it with cbd products like gummies and candy.


Cannabis & CBD Products Are Growing

CBD Drinks & Beverages
CBD Drinks & Beverages

It doesn’t stop with just cannabis food products, there is also a growing cbd beverage trend. Molson Coors, aka Miller Lite beer manufacturer, recently renamed “Molson Coors Beverage company” is taking no back seat to the cbd drinks and beverage industry.

Their sister company “Coors Distributing Co.” is already helping to distribute new CBD infused beverage drinks from “DRAM” and “Colorado’s Best Drinks”. Colorado’s best drinks company specializes in making ”sparkling soda beverages infused with broad spectrum hemp extract.”


CBD Cola Beverage
CBD Cola Beverage Label

These CBD drinks come in the flavors of black cherry, cola, ginger ale, lemonade, and root beer, as shown pictured above. All the drinks are manufactured with “organic sweetener, natural flavors, and are all vegan, non GMO, gluten free, sodium free, and free of preservatives”.

“We see a big demand for high quality and unique products in the non-alcoholic space, and we think Colorado’s Best Drinks and Dram are the perfect solution to fill that consumer demand,” said Jennifer DeGraff in a company press release, director of marketing at Coors Distributing Co.

Coors will provide distribution for the CBD and DRAM beverages across the Denver area. The company will provide the drinks to bars, restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores, c-stores, sports and entertainment venues, and licensed events.

Co founder of Colorado’s Best Drinks, Drew Fulton, says the deal with Coors has been in the making for seven months.  He says most of it was because of the Coors extensive, in depth vetting from the legal department. Coors will start with 40,000 cases of the cbd drink products off the bat, there is plans for a wider distribution beyond the Denver, soon to include other cities in Colorado.


Custom Labels & Packaging

What do all of these products have in common? They all need custom labels and packaging!

The demand for cannabis products and packaging is expected to reach $278 million in 2019. And increasing 31% per year to 1.1 billion in 2024.


Flexible Packaging, Boxes & Container Sales Will Increase

The flexible packaging and private labels industry is anticipated to grow 34% yearly from $156 million in 2019, to $670 million in 2024. All container types are expected to see super fast growth along with the marijuana and hemp industry.

Jars and Bottles are a primary container used in the Cannabis industry, and are also expected to see an increase in sales by 62% according to the Freedonia group. Cardboard folding carton, bags and pouches are also expected to see a strong increase in sales because of the popularity of editables. Glass bottles, vials, metal tins, and other containers are also expected to increase in sales. All of these containers will need private labels.


Digital CBD Labels

Digital label printing is a good fit for the cannabis market, since many of these brands are up and coming. This means they may not need wholesale stickers right off the bat, and they will usually start printing labels in the hundreds or few thousands.  Digital label printers also have a lower minimum order quantity, making smaller label printing jobs cheaper. This allows the cbd product company to add more labels later when they need them, and don’t get forced into buying a big order of wholesale stickers they don’t need yet. Or even worse, buying wholesale labels and then learning that you need to change the information on your label weeks, or months later, resulting in many private labels that must be thrown in the trash because the information is out of date. Digital label printing also doesn’t use plates, so this is another way digital label printers help customers to save money.

Digital label printing is great for small print runs, and can also accommodate multiple versions of a label with ease. Another option that digital labels have is that they can also have consecutive number printing on the label, giving each label a unique number to track it with.


Molson Coors Partners With Cannabis Producer HEXO

Molson Coors Canada and HEXO, a cannabis producer, have also started a partnership called Truss Beverages Co, producing a variety of cannabis drinks. The new cbd drink products will be called ‘Flow Glow’ and come in two flavors at first, Goji+grapefruit, and Raspberry+Lemon. The cbd drinks will both contain 10 milligrams of CBD each. The companies also plan to release THC infused beverages, but have not released any further information.

The announcement comes after American beer manufacturer Anheuser-Busch and Canadian Cannabis Company Tilray release CBD drinks under the new company name called Fluent beverage. Fluent beverage and Truss beverages are direct competitors in the CBD beverage industry.