Custom Food Grade Labels

Custom Labels & Product Labels

How do you promote your food products as a distributor in food markets, and supermarkets?

Are you searching for a custom label company who can print your custom food labels?

The simple answer is in your custom printed food labels. This is the most common and effective way to market your food product and get your message out.

From your local bakery, to food trucks, to private food labeling, and wholesale food meal subscription services, a custom label gives your product a unique look to stand out from the competition.

Even the simplest label designs can attract consumers. Our customers have used these labels in hot sauces, cheeses, salsa, jams, olive oil, honey, coffee, tea, chocolate, herbs, creams, dips, chips, baked goods, and more.

Or get custom printed labels as a gift for a friend’s wedding, birthday, or holiday events. Your labels will look polished and professional with high quality commercially printed labels from Bay Tech label company.

Available in labels on rolls, or sheeted labels. We only use the best materials for label printing so you can assure your labels will stand out.

We can print your food labels glossy with a shiny finish, or matte labels with a duller finish that has minimal to no shine. If you need a special shape we can also print and cut your labels to the custom shape you need.

Food Regulations & Laws

According to the FDA, Beverage labels and food labels must have a custom label on the product container to tell consumers what the food is. Not only that, but it must also have a ingredient list, and nutrition facts panel.

Food labels tell lots of valuable information to consumers. Some of the four main pieces of information a food label will contain are the expiration date label, ingredients list, nutrition facts, and daily value. The FDA has even made a Food label guide so that food and beverage companies can correctly label their food products.

Food Date Labels & Expiration Dates

Many food labels will have a sell by, use by, best if used by, or other similar wording. We go into detail more on these date labels here.

A date label tells the consumer when a food goes bad, or when it is the best time to eat it.

Ingredients List

Food labels provide more information than just nutrition facts, they also contain information on what is inside the food you are eating. The labels also tell you what country the food came from, if the food is organic, and sometimes health claims. The first ingredient in the list Is what the food has most of in it, or has the most weight, and so forth on.  This means the first ingredient has the most weight, and the last ingredient has the least weight.

Nutrition Fact Labels

A nutrition facts label is required on most packaged foods and beverages.

The nutrition facts label on your favorite food product or beverage tells you that it has vitamin and minerals. So this means that the food is healthy, right? Not exactly, because what if the food or drink is overloaded with sugar?

Reading nutrition labels the correct way is not as easy as may think. This is why the FDA has even created a guide to help people read nutrition fact labels the right way. This is also why they have updated the nutrition facts in 2016.

Tips to Consider Before Printing

When planning a label for food, there are a several factors to consider:

  1. Moisture resistance. This is most common for water bottle labels and other beverage drinks. See our label materials guide to choose a water resistant label. Or just tell your customer service representative you want a BOPP label, not paper.
  2. Cold and hot temperatures. If your label will be exposed to cold or hot temperatures, you will want a food label that can do the same.
  3. Rough and uneven surfaces, a label fits best when it is applied to a flat surface. If your bottle or clam shell container is not flat, the label may not stick. Even worse, it could look unprofessional.
  4. High speed application, will the labels be applied with your hands or a machine?
  5. Direct food or indirect food contact. If your label will be going on a fruit or vegetable, you will need a food grade label material that is made specifically for direct contact on food.

Popular Labels We Have Printed

Some popular food labels that make up the largest share are:

Brand Identity

With most of the focus on brand and product identity, you can trust that Bay Tech Label can provide your organization with the guidance you would expect from the design stage all the way through production. We can help your food product stand out where your product is competing on the same shelf right next to another brand. Your industry is a highly competitive market where package labeling can make a difference.

Using the wrong label materials and construction can be devastating and costly. Bay Tech Label company can help.

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