How To Increase Consumer Engagement With Custom Business Labels for Products

With the number of products competing on store shelves and eCommerce growing every year, it is critical to have your business labels for products stand out. The first interaction a potential customer has is with your product label. If you are looking for ways to increase consumer engagement using your labels, we have some tips.

Be Transparent

The pandemic has changed how many shoppers are buying products. Whether they are purchasing your product online or in a brick-and-mortar store, shoppers expect transparency from business labels for products. A survey from Label Insite showed that 8 out of 10 shoppers feel transparency is important or extremely important. Some of the information consumers expect to see include plain English explanations of ingredients, certifications, information on how the product is produced, value-based information (fair trade, animal welfare, etc.), and sustainability practices.

This same study found that having a confusing label can have consequences. For example, almost one-half of consumers will look at another product to see if they understand the ingredients better if a product label confuses them; 27% end up switching to an alternate product.

Stay True to Your Brand

Understand what your customers expect from your brand and remain faithful to it. This will build brand recognition and brand loyalty. For example, if sustainability is important to your brand, your labels should reflect it by choosing environmentally friendly materials and stating your values on your label.

Also, remember there will always be new labeling trends, but if a new trend doesn't fit your brand, it is ok to avoid it. If the bright, vibrant color trend doesn't mesh with your more tranquil brand, look for other ways to remain current and relevant to your customer. The top brands are quickly recognizable in any setting.

Functionality Matters

The functionality of your label is just as important as the appearance. Business labels for products that don't function as intended are of no use to anyone. If edges lift or print quality is poor, it will reflect poorly on your brand. Work with a reputable label supplier that has demonstrated success.

Products in a wet environment or containing chemicals need to be made with appropriate materials to maintain legibility. Many products that may be hazardous, if used incorrectly, require specific labeling for the consumers' safety. If the product drips and destroys the label, your customer could be at risk.

Engage with Interactive Business Labels for Products

Consider creating engagement by having your customer interact with the label. The interaction could be as simple as using an extended content label with a coupon for the product or another product to increase cross-selling opportunities. Or you could use a QR code to link to your social media site or app to promote contests, product discounts, and more. Augmented reality labels bring business labels for products to life. The use is limited by the imagination. Brands have used them to tell their brand's story, bring characters to life, and entertain their customers.

Don't Trust Just Anyone with Your Label

To successfully increase customer engagement through your label, you should work with a label supplier that has the experience to deliver exactly what you need. If the quality is poor or the labels don't hold up as they should, your brand will suffer.

At Bay Tech Label, we have been providing quality business labels for products across industries for more than 35 years. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your label is right for your product. Our state-of-the-art presses will ensure your labels will be sharp and accurate.

We are one of the few label manufacturers certified to print UL Labels, and our facility is Sustainable Green Printing Certified.

If you are looking to work with a label printer that cares about your brand success, contact us. We are ready to help.