Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Labels Have Gained Momentum In Today

Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical labels have gained momentum in today’s modern consumer marketplace and will continue to help businesses market and effectively sell their consumer goods. Companies competing in this space find that a good nutraceutical label design is a valuable marketing tool.

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The word “nutraceutical” was introduced to the public in 1989 as a combination of two words: pharmaceutical and nutrition. Since nutraceuticals are much like organic cereals and vitamin supplements, their composition presents problems for a nutraceutical labels design that meets current regulations and customer expectations.

Currently, there are no specific nutraceutical labeling requirements, there are specific types of information required to be on pharmaceutical labels. To discover more about nutraceutical labels, keep reading.

What’s the Difference Between Pharmaceutical Labels and Nutraceutical Labels?

The idea of pharmaceutical label printing was a result of specific clinical trials targeted at treating specific diseases. Moreover, nutraceutical originates from Eastern medicine formulations and are food-based substances. They are used for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

The Functional Food Center and FDA labeling define functional foods as biologically-active ingredients used in processed foods. Both nutraceutical labels and pharmaceutical labels have been clinically documented and proven to show health benefits with certain biomarkers for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Further, below are two examples of functional foods and beverages:

  1. Functional Foods: enriched eggs, omega-3, oats, fortified kinds of margarine, fatty fish, soy, iodized salts, probiotics, tomato products, soy, stanols, sterols, and prebiotics.
  2. Functional Beverages: non-alcoholic drinks, sports drinks, enriched water, ready-to-drink teas, soy beverages, energy drinks, and enhanced fruit drinks.

A pharmaceutical label printer is typically used to create both pharmaceutical labels and nutraceutical labels.

Things to Look for When Creating Nutraceutical Labels

There are certain things to look for when creating nutraceutical labels and pharmaceutical labels that you should consider before the nutraceutical label design.

Here are some things to look for:

FDA Warnings

Nutritional Labels

Consumers of nutraceutical labels understand that an FDA warning and FDA labeling have little to do with the products themselves but have more to do with informing the public about preventing sellers from selling products from improper regulatory practice and their health.

Dosage Instructions

Pharmaceutical labels are made to be more medicinally specific than other types of products typically sold at health food stores and off the shelf at pharmacies. Additionally, they contain nutritional qualities and have nutraceutical labeling requirements about pharmaceutical formulations.

Efficacy of Product

Nutraceutical labels are also key for describing the product’s efficacy. They’re also viewed as messages that stand out and can be easily communicated. In most cases, the products are complex formulations that often require pharmaceutical label printing. There’s generally a paragraph that provides this information on the label.

Possible Side Effects

There are both standard herbal and health supplements and the reason for nutraceutical labeling requirements. They’re required because of the potential of interactions with health supplements and medications that people already take. It’s imperative for both labels forms to display as much information as possible.

Where to Order Pharmaceutical Label Printing

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