Custom Pharmaceutical Labels

Nutraceutical Labels

Pharmaceutical bottle labels, nutraceutical labels, and vitamin labels are subject to regulations that require specific materials with definitive function. They are required to stay in place and be readable throughout storage, distribution, and use. Bay Tech Label offers materials that have been tested and proven to be consistent and compliant to meet your label and tag requirements. We also have a Class 1000 Clean Room for your labels that need to remain in a controlled air environment.

Peel & Seal / Extended Content Labels

Need more space on your pharmaceutical product labels? Multi-layer Peel & Seal labels offer you additional space to share larger amounts of information with consumers, such as drug facts and safety or dosage requirements, that normally wouldn't fit on your product.

Need to comply with changing regulatory demands for increased information for nutraceutical labels? Peel, Read and Re-Seal Multi-ply labels are the perfect solution. Printing on the inside panel (under the face of label) and on the face of the label that is applied to the product with easy peel and reseal technology. Multi-layer Peel & Seal / Extended Content labels (also called hinged labels) are suitable for a wide variety of packaging, containers and bottles for the Pharmaceutical industry. We can print up to a total of 8 colors.

  •  Extended Content for small containers such as ampoules and vials
  •  Multiple Languages needed
  •  Preparation instructions
  •  Enhance user-friendliness and product safety
  •  Promotions

Flexible Packaging

We produce high and low quantities of flexible packaging for Pills, Powders, and Liquids – and offer the bonus of no minimums, although you should always check with your filler as they may be restricted. Flex packs are produced with paper, plastic, film or foil. What goes in the package determines the material and we can assure you use the correct material for your product.

  • Printed Travel and Convenience Size Packaging
  • Branded Test Samples for your consumers
  • Lightweight and easy to open
  • Low or High Quantities, no minimums
  • Provides efficient product to package ratios

We can print your label up to 8 colors and print your variable data via Thermal Transfer printing. Order a large quantity with your static information and we will print the variable data when as you need them.

Tamper Evident Labels Pharmaceutical Bottle Labels

The makers of OTC medicines widely use tamper-evident packaging for their products. Custom tamper-proof, void, and destructible labels enhance your product security. Destructible Security labels are typically constructed as either film or paper-based. They are used to make sure that a product remains safe or to indicate that a product has not been opened or tampered with, which is required within some industries.

We adapted the use of holographic materials in tamper-evident void labels, with words appearing as the angle of a view of the label changes. Specialized and custom converted materials used in tamper-proof tags and destructible labels help eliminate the possibility of replacing a destroyed label with a counterfeit label. Our experience in the area of tamper-resistant and security labels is extensive.

  • Warranty void labels
  • Self Destruct labels
  • Void labels
  • PAID labels
  • Special tamper-evident die-cut labels

Nutritional Supplement & Nutraceutical Labels

Nutritional Supplements, also referred to as Nutraceuticals, are a growing industry. Bay Tech Label can help you produce attention-grabbing, Nutritional Supplement Labels for your products. Nutraceutical Labels must comply with regulations, and inform consumers of their merit. Let Bay Tech Label help with professional custom Labels, that helps your Nutritional Product stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

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