Peel and Seal Labels

Conventional labels can be prohibitively space-restrictive. You can only fit so much on a tiny little product label, especially on smaller bottles. You don’t have to settle for less user-friendly options like including separate product information in your packaging. Peel and seal labels provide a perfect alternative.

An Important Design Consideration

Peel and Seal LabelsPeel and Seal Labels

Figuring out how to include more comprehensive product information on small bottles isn't the most glamorous aspect of the label design. That doesn't mean it's not essential. Peel and seal labels give designers more creative leeway and ensure that consumers will still have the information they need.

Benefits of Choosing Peel and Seals

The most apparent benefit of peel and seal labels is that they make better use of limited space. If you've never considered this aspect of product packaging, the advantages of that extra space may not be sufficiently clear. There are three primary benefits of using peel and seal labels on small bottles.

Comply with Industry Regulations

Some companies, such as those working in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, face very restrictive product packaging regulations. The FDA requires product labels to convey extensive information. Even the best label designers have trouble fitting everything from ingredients lists and nutritional facts to usage instructions on tiny bottles. With peel and seal labels, they don't have to.

Branch Out to More Diverse Markets

Creating products for multi-language communities or international sales poses unique challenges. You need to include product information in multiple languages, which takes up a lot of space. Peel and seal labels provide a practical solution to this problem. You can either include primary language information on the outer label or have multiple languages appear side by side.

Save Money

Designing, printing, and packaging paper inserts are more expensive than ordering peel and seal labels. The difference is more evident in highly regulated industries. Custom printed peel and seal labels make it easier to keep up with regulatory changes and minimize losses when they occur.

Common Applications

Not all small packages need peel and seal labels. For things like micro-brewed beer or simple consumer products, you may not need the extra space. There are still diverse applications for extended-content labels.

If you sell any of these products, it’s worth looking into peal and seal / extended content labels.:

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