Picking the Right Food Grade Stickers

Food grade stickers

Food label stickers are the simplest way to get a brand message out in front of others. From manufacturers to retail stores, these stickers can be used to give a unique look to the food products and make them stand out from their peers. A food sticker contains technical information about the product and general information about the brand.

A professional commercially printed food labels stickers can be categorized into two forms: direct food-grade label and indirect food grade label. The direct label is placed onto the food item while the indirect one is attached to either a bag or boxes containing the food item. In both cases, it needs to comply with the regulations of the FDA.

These food-safe labels can be used in a variety of food items including but not limited to hot sauces, salsa, olive oil, cheeses, tea, herbs, creams, dips, chips, jams, etc. Keep on reading to figure out how to pick the right food-grade stickers that adhere to the FDA regulation set for direct and indirect food-grade stickers.

What Are Food Grade Stickers?

A food-grade label sticker is not just a label used for marketing the food product but also it’s a way to pass the information about the food item and the brand behind it to the customers. It’s a practical method to distinguish the food product from the other items in the market.

However, these labels aren’t considered food-grade until it meets the FDA regulations regarding the product labels content and materials. The proper labeling component such as label facestock, inks, and adhesives should be used to display the nutritional information, expiration date label, and ingredient lists about the food product.

The information that should be contained on these food-grade stickers include:

  • Information on Expiration Dates: Some food items should be consumed or used within a specific date from its manufacture. The food label should contain the information on the product's expiry date to tell customers when the product will go bad.
  • Nutrition Facts: For most of the packaged beverages and foods, it’s crucial to have a nutrition fact label as per FDA. These product labels tell customers about the content of fat, sodium, sugars, energy, protein, saturated fat, and carbohydrates. It determines whether the food item is healthy for consumers.
  • Ingredient List: The food-grade label stickers should provide more accurate information than just the nutrition facts about the food item. This label showcases the type of ingredients used for this product, the country from where the food came from, and other health claims in some cases.

This information should be present in the food product labels depending upon the type of product it is. Any health claims for preventing, treating, or curing diseases, are strictly prohibited on labels for food packaging. It should be reported to the FDA before presenting the information to the customer.

What Are The Type Of Food-Grade Stickers?

Understanding the difference between the indirect food labels stickers and direct custom food labels stickers is crucial for food packagers and manufacturers. There are two different types of food-grade stickers available. This includes the direct label and the indirect label food-grade stickers.

The direct label stickers are considered those that make direct contact with the food. A direct food grade label example is the PLU labels printed with the barcodes and applied to fresh fruits or vegetables. Determining the adhesive and staying in compliance with FDA is important for direct food product label stickers.

Fruits store - PLU stickers

Alternatively, the indirect food-safe labels are considered as FCS or food contact substances that may or may not come in contact with the food. The indirect food packaging labels examples can be seen mostly outside the food bags or cartons.

How to Get Professional Product Labels?

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We have affordable indirect or direct food-grade stickers to match your unique product needs. We can print the custom food labels glossy or matte with a duller finish depending upon your requirements. You will also get quality adhesive options that won't leave any residues on your product’s surface. Contact us now for further information.