Select the Best Commercial Labels for Your Product

From consumer protection to legal compliance, identification, and product promotion, your commercial labels need to fulfill a lot of roles to be effective. In addition to creating attractive labels that engage your audience, commercial labels must be designed to withstand repetitive use over a long period of time, environmental conditions, and adhere to distinct surfaces.

Create the best commercial labels for your product by selecting the proper label type (branded, descriptive, grade, and informational) and the best-fitting material and adhesive for the job. Whether you are looking for commercial labels that stand out, stick to textured surfaces, or withstand the elements, our specialists will help you meet your product-specific needs.

When creating your custom commercial labels, you need to verify the contents you must include, including branding graphics, product descriptions, legally required information, grading, nutritional facts, instructions, and warnings. The right commercial label type should help customers quickly identify your product, prevent customers from being confused, and provide them with information they must know to achieve their end goal. Discover the best label type for your application, spanning across industrial products, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic, and more.

Uncovering the 4 Different Types of Commercial Labels

Branded labels

No matter how well your product is produced, or how well it is tested, if your product lies unlabelled on the shelf, customers might get the impression that it is generic, homemade, or unsafe to purchase. Create confidence in your brand identity and build recognition with branded labels that include your brand’s name or logo. For cosmetic and personal care products often used around the face or other vulnerable areas, precision printed brand labels add quality, show customers what to expect from your brand, and make the right first impression.

Grade Labels

To make it even more convenient for customers to select products, or distinguish between multiple offerings, grade labels are added to emphasize product features with words, letters, or numbers. Commercial labels feature grades covering several styles. These range from Grade A through D, or 1-4, and include other verbiage — such as Good, Better, Best — to indicate the product’s level. The USDA grade shields, for example, make it easy to select the best beef, offering the distinction between Prime, Choice, and Select. In addition, an A,B,C, or D grade can be placed on beans packed into cans to target different consumers. Make the best use of grade labels with food products, cosmetics, and more, to make it simpler for customers to choose your brand and identify their preferred option.

Descriptive Labels

To provide customers with more attributes than with branding and grading labels, descriptive labels are added to highlight features, weight, nutritional value, warnings, and care instructions. They are used for products when grades cannot be differentiated, and provide customers with the advantage of better consumer knowledge. This type of information adds an advantage in competitive industries such as nutraceuticals and vitamins where branding and descriptive information including dosages, play a pivotal role.

Informative Labels

If your customer could benefit from detailed instructions on how to use your product or take care of it, you might prefer an informative label. Compared to descriptive labels, informative labels are more detailed and may include manufacturing details including the manufacturer’s name, address, a product’s batch number, product number, production date, and expiration date. If your product comes in small packaging and you need more space to provide detailed care information, Peel & Seal Labels can help provide the amount of space needed for branding.

Custom Commercial Labels Ease Difficult Applications

Depending upon your preferred label type and project-specific needs, your commercial labels are fully customizable with graphic design, color, custom shapes and sizes, materials, coating, and adhesives. Make label printing fast, easy, and affordable with digital printing that allows for bold colors with lasting results for every label type. Print high quality commercial labels of every size and shape with die cutting, which allows for any size you may require to provide the most desirable results — from chemical-resistant industrial labels to precision medical labeling.

When considering the best material for your label type, keep in mind storage, temperature, longevity, product applications, and whether the label needs to be permanent or easily removed. At Bay Tech Label, we offer numerous paper, film, and foil materials you can choose from to customize your commercial labels, including semi or high gloss paper, thermal or direct transfer, laser or inkjet paper, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, metalized film, clear, polyimide, and vinyl.

Present Your Product Perfectly with Custom Commercial Labels

Commercial labels help customers better identify brands and make more informed decisions. Long gone are the days of manufacturer deception across food, cosmetic, medical, industrial, and beverage industries as customers today prefer transparency and clarity in their purchasing decisions. When selecting the right label supplier, you should not only consider their production capabilities, but also industry knowledge to achieve the best results.

Bay Tech Label is your go-to partner when considering commercial labels that are eye-catching, informative, and ensure regulatory compliance across food, beverage, health, cosmetic, household, and automotive products. Serving St. Petersburg for more than 35 years, Bay Tech Label has the experience to address any ongoing challenge for your commercial labels, whether it be better branding for your product or ensuring it can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Have any questions about your best label type or product application? Our expert team is always ready to help you find a label that sticks.