Versatile, Functional Die Cut Labels

Die Cut Labels

Die cut labels are an excellent option for adding creative flair to your product or communicating important information. A die cut label is created by printing your artwork on a large roll of uncut label material. A metal die is used to cut the label shape onto the roll without cutting through the roll backing (think of a highly advanced cookie cutter). Of course, this is a simplified version, as cutting die cut labels requires extreme precision. Once cut, the matrix (excess label material) is stripped away, leaving a roll of labels. Die cut labels can be applied by hand or with a label applicator machine.

The Many Benefits of Die Cut Labels

One-size-fits-all seldom fits all, and this is especially true with labels. Die cut labels are perfect when you are ready to move away from standard shapes and sizes to transform your branding and differentiate your product from the rest. There are many advantages to using die cut labels.

Versatile Size and Shape

Die cut labels are a highly versatile way to creatively promote your product. By creating a label in the precise size needed, you don’t have to worry about whether the label will fit your product. If you have unique shaped packaging, you can have a label die cut to fit exactly as you’d like instead of forcing a rectangle label to work. The label becomes an extension of the creative packaging, creating a fluid design. Consider using unique shapes to surprise your customers and make a statement on the store shelves.

If you have several similar products, such as bath and body products, consider using the same die to save money. Using the same unique shape on a product line helps establish brand equity as that shape becomes associated with your brand.

Cover a Portion of the Container

Die cut labels can be made in any size; this gives you the freedom to use a smaller-sized label to cover only a portion of the container so that products in clear bottles, jars, or packaging show through. This allows you to provide the required information while allowing the product to sell itself. Many products with bright colors, such as candles, liquid soaps, and colorful confections, do well in clear containers with smaller labels that allow the product to shine.

Variety of Materials Useful Across Industries

Die cut labels are not just for consumer-facing products like food products, cosmetics, and wine. Die cut labels are found within the industrial sector as well. Industrial labels must often communicate safety precautions, warnings, and instructions. These labels must be able to withstand harsh environments and, therefore, require extreme durability. Fortunately, die cut labels can be made from various materials, including those that will ensure the labels can preserve critical information throughout the product’s expected use and lifespan.

The Experts in Die Cut Labels

Bay Tech Label has been creating custom labels for more than 35 years. With more than 5,000 dies in-house and custom shapes available, you have plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from. If you are looking for something unique, a custom die can be made. Whether you need individual cut-to-size labels with crack and peel backing or roll labels for your label applicator machine, we have the capabilities to meet the demand of your next label application.

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