What is the Difference Between a Sticker and a Label?

The difference between a sticker and label depends on how its used. Stickers are generally used to identify products, brands, and advertisements and are stuck on various applications such as containers, bumpers and windows on vehicles, and packaging. On the other side of the adhesive, labels contain information directly written on the products themselves.

Labels also contain other vital information about the product's manufacturer, distributor, and brand. They are made with different materials suitable for writing or printing product information. In today's work environment, many employers who need labels for their consumer items use either a paper label stock or biaxially oriented polypropylene film to make their custom printed labels.

Common Materials Used for Product Labels

When it comes to the most common material used in the workplace, paper is the material of choice for many businesses making product labels. Commercial-grade paper designed for product labels is often coated with a water resistant thin layer of plastic.

Other labels such as embossed or tamper evident labels are made with fabrics, plastics, latex, and foils. While some are stock designs, some can be custom designed with a combination of laminates and materials. A label is often custom printed according to the business's expected usage and application of the intended products.

What is an Embossed Label?

Embossed labels are products of a unique printing process that makes product labels pop and adds certain aesthetics that can make products more attractive and appealing to consumers. These labels stand out because they are not like the average flat label found on many products. Rather, they have raised surfaces that are popular for manufacturers of health & beauty products, textiles, wine bottles, and so much more.

Several leading companies today are now using embossed designs for a more sophisticated look combined with a three dimensional effect to make their products more appealing to the market. You can have your company logo pressed into the design with as many small details as you want, making these labels a high-quality option.

How Product Labels Improve Your Branding

Whether you own a brick and mortar storefront or e-commerce website, if you're selling products, you will need product labels for them. Product labels are what your customers first see; therefore, embedding your brand in their minds. Labels can even help businesses differentiate different products belonging to the same brand.

Branding plays a vital role of product labels because well-designed labels can seperate you from your competitors. How your labels are designed and printed matters. Since a considerable amount of time is invested into the design itself, how your labels present themselves is also important for spreading your brand to a wider audience.

Although product labels help to identify your brand, they should also include:

  • Active ingredients
  • Product shelf life
  • Nutritional information
  • Safe consumption and disposal methods
  • Manufacturer and distributor information

Are Stickers Different Than Product Labels?

In many cases, stickers are also used as labels and don't always need to contain the same information as a label. For example, a tamper sticker is an evident-proof label used to prevent anyone from entering secure areas or shipping containers. These stickers often contain vital information that can be tracked and by both the distributor and recipient of the goods.

Depending on the content of the item, evidence stickers can also be mandated by international and federal law. For cases such as this, warning labels may accompany the stickers for items crossing and entering international waters. In the end, stickers and labels are almost the same; however, labels identify and contain vital information about the products.

Where Can I Make Custom Embossed Labels?

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