Embossed Labels and Seals

Embossing produces a raised impression in the paper stock, adding a multi-dimensional look and feel to your label. Add a color on top of the embossed area to make it “pop” off the label or leave it without color for a more natural and clean finish. Labels can be embossed in small areas to add definition to your graphics or in large areas to add texture to your label.

Also available is:

  • Blind Emboss
  • Emboss Textures
  • Emboss Images, Patterns or Text
  • Emboss Matte and Gloss Materials

 Embossed labels


Bay Tech Label is your go-to source for high-quality Embossed Labels.

A glossy, elegant presentation of your business logo on embossed seals is a high-impact way to draw attention to your brand. 

We have the tools and processes in place to create Embossed Foil Labels on a variety of different substrates and materials. Bay Tech Label has the experience to deliver your project successfully, producing memorable images you can use for every occasion; emboss your Beer Labels, Wine Labels and much more.

Embossed Seals

The best product labels are the ones that make the packaging stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of techniques for creating stand-out labels, but the embossing is arguably the best of them. Products with embossed labels look better and are more likely to attract buyers. Embossing is especially popular on beer and wine labels. It allows craft breweries and wineries to create glossy-looking, elegant logos that add texture to the label. Embossing techniques range from blind embossing to textured embossing, and you can use them to create embossed images, text, and patterns.

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