California Considers Warning Labels On Cannabis Products

Marijuana Warning Labels
Marijuana Warning Labels

The California office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, or OEHHA will have a meeting soon to decide on if cannabis smoke and THC, the chemical in cannabis that makes people ‘high’, will be added to the list of harmful toxins proposition 65. If approved, this would add a new warning to marijuana labels.


Proposition 65 Law

The Proposition 65 law in California was approved in 1986 with a 65% vote, also known as the safe drinking water and toxic enforcement act, was made to help warn consumers about the potentially dangerous chemicals made in products today. The warning labels help warn customers about cancer causing ingredients, or other dangerous chemicals and materials. The warning must be printed on the custom label that is on the product.


California Marijuana Warning Labels

In order to determine if cannabis smoke and THC will be added to the list, the development and reproductive toxin identification committee will review the extent to which THC and marijuana smoke are harmful to reproductive health. The committee is appointed by the California Gov Gavin Newsom and has researchers from around the state of California, says OEHHA spokesperson Sam Delson.

“One is a researcher from UCLA, another is from USC and there are multiple researchers from UC Davis,” Delson said.

To make the meeting more accessible it will be livestreamed on the official California Environmental Protection Agency website.

If the cannabis committee voted to add marijuana THC and smoke to the proposition 65 list, warning labels will be added after about one year, says Delson.

Delson also said that there is already a label on cannabis products warning customers of possible reproductive health risks. This includes pregnant women and nursing mothers. If cannabis is added to the proposition 65 list for reproductive risk, then that label would be “might be stronger, or more definitive,” said Delson.

The city of Berkley does not have a labeling requirement said a city spokesperson. SO Cannabis products sold in California would need to update their custom labels to include the risks of marijuana.

Going forward the city of Berkley has plans to add cannabis regulations, including a warning sign to indicate the potential harm to babies and infants.