Israel Introduces 'Red Logo' on Food Labels High in Saturated Fat, Sugar, or Salt

Starting January 2020 in Israel, food products high with sugar, saturated fat, and salt must have a new custom logo on the label called a “red label”.

What is the need for this new red logo on the food labels?

According to the government, the purpose of this new product label law is to make prepackaged food information ‘clear’ and ‘accessible’ to consumers.

This allows “consumers to make a knowledgeable choice of food in order to improve their health.” Custom label printing could draw more attention in the future if food products dont start using healthy ingredients as governments might get more strict on product labeling.

‘Red logo’ Picture provided by the Israel Government.
‘Red logo’ Picture provided by the Israel Government.

The new food label legislation, concentrates on custom label food products that exceed maximum level of sodium, sugars, and saturated fatty acids, as dictated by the Ministry of Health.


Deadline for Food Labels With Red Logo

Food manufacturers have until January 1st, 2021 to update their food labels. As of now, any food product that exceeds 500mg of sodium, 13.5g of total sugars, and 5g of total saturated fats, per 100g of solid food will require a ‘red label’. These notices will be on both clear labels and white labels.


Deadline for Beverage Labels With Red Logo

Beverage manufacturers have until January 1st, 2021 to update their food labels. Liquid drinks and beverages is 400mg for sodium, 5g for total sugars, and 3g for total saturated fatty acids.


Healthy Food Labels & ‘Green Logo’

Contrary to the ‘red logo’, there is also a ‘green logo’ that can be seen on beverage and drink labels. This green logo is on foods that have been approved by the Ministry of defense as ‘healthy’. The ‘red logo’ will confirm that the food product might not be the best choice for your health.

Other food label regulations include the ordering of ingredients and follow global conventions for food labels.

Major Israeli food giant Strauss Group has welcomed the new food label regulations on food packaging, agreeing on ‘another step’ to improve food quality. The company is happy to announce that 91% of their products will not be labeled with the new food warning label, ‘red logo’.


Food Label Regulations Create New Food Product Reformulations

Because of the new ‘red logo’ food labels going into effect this month in Israel, many food manufacturers are starting to rethink their food products ingredients, and reaching for newer, healthier ingredient alternatives. Others are starting to see how they can reduce the salt, total sugars, saturated fats, and more to avoid adding the new ‘red logo’ onto their food labels. Private Labels with outdated  nutritional labels  will need to be up to date with the 2020 standards as well, or could get fined each day they are not compliant.