The Key Elements of a Food Packaging Label

food packaging labels

Claims, symbols, and custom designs on food packaging labels are one of the best ways to help consumers better identify your brand, understand nutrition information, and make better decisions. As the FDA continues to update labeling conventions to make them more accessible to consumers and open up flexibility for food innovation, there are many modern labeling conventions and industry trends to keep in mind to minimize the risk of lawsuits or costly delays.

From nutritional information to appropriate symbols and accurate ingredients, it’s clear that food packaging labels have been a topic of increasing scrutiny. It is now more important than ever to ensure your food packaging labels are custom-designed with customer appeal and empowerment. With an experienced partner, you can stay in touch with recent updates while keeping in mind the essential information still required for food packaging labels.

Empower customers with professionally printed food packaging labels.

What is Legally Required on a Food Label?

The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) requires most foods to have nutrition labeling with nutrient content claims. There are a few design considerations to keep in mind, like font sizes and avoiding artwork that hides or detracts from required label elements or misrepresents the product. Ensure your food packaging labels clearly communicate your product to customers and comply with regulations by including a few key elements:

  • Product Name and Identity
  • Net Quality of Contents
  • Manufacturer Name and Address
  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional Fact Label
  • Allergy Labeling
  • Certifications
  • Sell-By Dates
  • Nutritional and Health Claims

Whether you are selling online or directly to local storefronts, at Bay Tech Label, we’ll help you ensure your food packaging labels meet standards and customer expectations. Adjust as your products evolve and maintain the highest level of control over the labels produced.

What Makes a Good Food Label?

Great food packaging labels are more than just a list of ingredients and a few eye-catching symbols. It is equally important to pay special attention to your packaging details and how your consumer uses your product. For beverages, it is crucial to print your label with the right material ranging from paper to polyester, polypropylene, or vinyl film to ensure it sticks. If your product needs to be refrigerated or frozen, ensure its label remains moisture resistant and fully intact.

Your label design also plays a massive part in the success or failure of your product. Not only does your label need to be unique, but it also needs to resonate with target customers. To design a more effective label, consider your intended audience and what makes your offering stand out. With professional printing, you can make your food packaging labels more readily readable, promote key certifications, and clearly define your brand. Be sure to consider every detail, from deciding on CMYK or Pantone colors and finding the best finishing material.

Keep in mind that every detail produces a very different result. If you are unsure how to achieve results with the highest definition or best performance, be sure to consult an expert team of label printing professionals to assist in making better decisions to ensure the colors pop on your labels and your printed products turn out the way you expect.

Making Food Packaging Labels That Work Best For You

Your product labels need to fulfill a lot of roles. By looking at your food packaging label holistically, rather than focusing on a single element like the logo or nutrition label, you’ll be better positioned to tell the whole story of your brand.

When your food packaging labels need to go beyond listing ingredients, our team of professionals help you better display and communicate your product’s value. We guarantee our clients complete satisfaction with their unique and one-of-a-kind, high-resolution food packaging labels.

Custom Print Your Next Food Packaging Labels

Your label design should always make it easier for consumers to understand your food packaging labels and beverage labels, whether it be with nutritional labels, spirit warning labels, food expiration labels, or newly minted health symbols. At Bay Tech Label, we partner with clients on small and large runs, both at competitive pricing for a variety of food labels and stickers — from nutritional labels to milk labels, food-grade stickers, vitamins, honey, juice, and specialty food. Bay Tech Label is your go-to partner when modernizing labeling and effectively communicating to your end customer.

Every step of the way, our printing professionals aim to make the process as easy as possible. Fully customize your commercial labels today with high-quality food packaging labels.