Types of Heavy-Duty Equipment Labels

Equipment Labels

Whether it’s time to find an efficient way to track and manage assets or convey critical safety information, equipment labels and tags are an effective solution used across machine shops, warehouses, construction sites, and offices. Proper equipment labels save on replacements, document maintenance performed, and ensure long-term employee compliance with safety regulations. 

With the right substrate, finish, and adhesive solution, your equipment labels can meet the harsh conditions of any operating environment, keep valuable equipment in working order, and reduce costly breakdowns. Your label supplier should help you meet industry demands with top-of-the-line solutions for numerous types of equipment — including computer equipment, medical devices, defense and military equipment, machinery and other industrial equipment, HVAC and utilities, specialty fire tags, and more.

With extensive experience in industrial labels ranging from Chemical-Resistant Labels to Caution & Safety Labels and Hazardous Labels, Bay Tech Label has the expertise and capability to protect equipment for lifetime performance.

Equipment ID Tags

Equipment ID tags are an important way for large facilities to track assets, particularly when moving between locations. By labeling your assets with equipment ID tags, you can build and maintain an accurate database that documents asset location and repairs. Maintaining a central equipment database reduces the risk of losing expensive equipment — and making costly replacements.

The right partner will help you customize your equipment labels with the right barcodes for your system, and will ensure key elements are included — from a header to consecutive and variable data, company name, and location. With 10 state-of-the-art flexographic presses, a digital press, and an in-house graphics team, Bay Tech has the capacity for short and long labeling production runs.

In addition to professional printing and readability, at Bay Tech Label we ensure your equipment labels are durable and long-lasting. High-performing adhesives are identified for each application, die cut to the right size and shape, and adjusted to the best thickness. Whether your ID tags require full-color options or straightforward black and white ink, we’ll ensure you will get the print results you need. 

Safety & Warning Labels for Equipment

Ensure employees are informed of best practices with custom equipment labels that improve workplace safety by communicating critical safety warnings, instructions, and precautions. When it comes to electrical panels, manufacturing, and machine operation, warning labels and instructions are used to ensure safe operation, list required steps, and indicate maintenance requirements. 

Whether you need labeling solutions for health hazards, fire hazards, floor safety, construction sites, chemical hazards, or vehicle safety, Bay Tech Label has numerous warning and safety label solutions that improve workplace safety.

Specialty Equipment Labels for Fire Extinguishers

Fire tags are critical safety labels used to provide useful information in the event of a fire and to warn employees of potential fire hazards. Fire extinguishers require extensive labeling, often needing multiple tags. High-quality fire tags are long-lasting. They should include key information such as a monthly, annual, and six-month inspection tags, the serial and model number, expiration date, and status indicating whether it is new, recharged or serviced. 

Bay Tech Label offers a wide variety of specialty labels and tags to help you meet your industrial labeling needs. Our enhanced printing capabilities ensure your labels remain legible and withstand time, and wear and tear across any demanding application. 

Permanent Labels for Equipment

Finding the right label for your equipment is partly about your budget and mostly about performance. What type of environment will your label be exposed to? Does it include moisture, dust and dirt, UV light, extreme temperatures, wear and tear?  At Bay Tech, our industrial-grade labeling materials range from heat-resistant polyamide used for electronics to water-resistant polypropylene, chemical-resistant labels made of polyester, and flexible vinyl labels ideal for outdoor use.

The right supplier has heavy-duty labeling materials to withstand any application. With hundreds of materials and substrates to choose from, our team is committed to identifying durable equipment labels for your application. For industrial labels across key industries, withstanding tough environments, preserving warnings and instructions remains crucial. 

Bay Tech Label has the materials on hand that meet stringent demands. For additional quality assurance, we offer material samples to test industrial labels in your environment.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Finding a completely qualified label supplier company is an important decision. Partnering with one that has limited experience, customer service, or capabilities could cost you more down the line. Bay Tech Label is committed to growth and stays on top of new trends and technology to ensure we have the equipment and the expertise to deliver the results you need. Our expert team is here to help you discover cost-effective materials, print, and adhesives based on your application and specific industry needs.

For more than 35 years, Bay Tech Label has manufactured heavy-duty industrial labels for various types of equipment. Discover the best label and design with our team today