Custom Hazardous Labels

Custom Hazardous Waste Labels

Custom Hazardous labels can help your business avoid labeling mistakes and disasters. Clearly label your drums and barrels with custom hazardous waste labels or another custom warning label.

The shipper is responsible for picking the correct label for their shipments. Labeling a package wrong can result in delays, fines, injuries, and extra expenses.

Hazardous class labels are the standard hazmat labeling and are designed to meet special regulations and laws.

Hazard Label Uses

These labels are put on boxes, packaging, and flexible packaging to identify what is inside.

Biohazard and Hazmat labels communicate a universal symbol and message that is recognized internationally regardless of language. These custom labels offer specific handling instructions that tell shippers how to handle a package, making the process safer for everyone. Also shippers can organize the packages by label, and keep all of the same types of materials in the same location. Emergency responders can also use hazard labels for accident clean up and first response.

Since October 1st 2005 the United States government has made it mandatory for companies shipping hazardous materials in America to put a hazmat label as close as possible to the original shipping label. For international shipments the label can be on the bottom corner of the package. Both American and International hazmat labels must have the hazard class number on the bottom corner of the label.

Below is a list of hazardous shipping labels.

Hazmat Label Class 1-9 Types

Hazardous Labels Class 1-9

There are many different categories of hazmat labels. Below are the 9 main classes of hazardous material labels, and each class has a different color.

  • Hazard Class 1 labels are for explosives.
  • Hazard Class 2 labels are for flammable, non flammable, toxic gas, or for shipping gases.
  • Hazard Class 3 labels are for shipping flammable liquid, paints, alcohols, gasoline, kerosene and ethanol.
  • Hazard Class 4 labels are for certain solids that may cause or create a fire or contaminate water. These labels are ideal for when transporting flammable solids like metal powders, matches, carbon, or oil and fabrics.
  • Hazard Class 5 labels are for shipping peroxides and oxidizers that might yield oxygen and combust.
  • Hazard Class 6 labels are for transporting toxic substances which can cause death or serious injury like Poisons.
  • Hazard Class 7 labels are for transporting radioactive materials like medical isotopes, density gauges or mixed fission products which can be deadly to humans.
  • Hazard Class 8 labels are for shipping corrosives that are a danger to human health when they come in contact with living tissue. These labels are perfect for transporting acids, batteries, fuel cell cartridges, dyes, paint and sulphides.
  • Hazard Class 9 labels are for shipping dangerous goods not covered in hazard class 1-8. These are essentially miscellaneous hazardous items.
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