Custom Barcode Labels

Custom Barcode labels

Do you have a product you'd like to sell in stores or online?

Barcodes are popular on many Food Labels and Beverage Labels in local grocery stores and gas stations. Barcodes are also common on Water Bottle Labels, Ice Tea Labels, Rum Labels, Cosmetic Labels, Coffee Labels, Honey Labels and more; this help companies keep track of product sales, reorders, and inventory.

Depending on the use, and where you are selling the product, you may need a barcode on your product labels.

Barcode Labels

Product Labels with UPC Barcodes & Barcode Uses

How do you use Barcode Labels for your business?

Universal Product Code (UPC) Labels are used every day by small and large businesses, collecting data through the GS1 Barcode Database. UPC Labels help with data collection, retail product tracking, and asset tracking.

Bay Tech Label can print your Barcode Labels on rolls or sheeted depending on your company's needs. Barcode Labels are mostly used for tracking retail products in stores but can be used for product labels, custom labels, packaging, identification, warehousing, shipping and more.

Here is information for you to consider when planning for Custom Barcode Labels for your products:

  • Depending on your use and needs, Barcode Labels are available in paper, vinyl, bopp, synthetic, tamperproof, or foil.
  • Our Custom Barcode Labels are the best in the industry for durability, scan ability, and dependable adhesion.
  • We can print your Barcode Labels on rolls or on sheets, whichever you prefer. Just send us your barcode numbers for us to print.
  • Do you need Tamperproof Labels to know if someone touched your label? If so, you can choose a void material that will leave a ‘void’ marking on the surface where the label was removed from. Another Tamperproof Label option is a destructible label material that breaks apart on the surface.
  • Amazon uses a few special barcode numbering systems to track amazon product IDs, FBA Labels, and Transparency/Counterfeit Prevention Labels. Amazon started the transparency program in 2017 to help combat counterfeit products. If you need custom Amazon barcodes printed, please contact a label printer expert at Bay Tech Label to help you with your labeling needs.

Print Your Own Barcodes

Maybe you just want to print barcodes yourself on a direct thermal or thermal transfer label printer? We can also help with these UPC Label solutions.

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