Why are Automotive Labels Important?

All automobiles have a visibly small sticker attached to them, which may not look important at first glance to most. However, the small sticker containing some text, a logo, or other elements are called auto data labels, which are of utmost importance to the automobile owner, maker, and everyone in between.

Automotive labels are of different types, and they all play an essential role. It displays information like tire pressure, warranty details, and other crucial information related to the automobile or auto part. Battery labels, under the hood labels, temperature labels, and custom automotive labels are some of the labels people often come across.

Each label has its significance be it car labels and names, car engine labels, or automotive ID labels, as the stickers are meant to display crucial information. Keep on reading to know more about the importance of these labels.

What are Temperature Labels?

A product label requires specialized materials and adhesive in order to make it withstand extreme temperature. Temperature labels come to the rescue. These are heat-resistant labels containing different properties depending on the type of adhesive to be used and the combination of label materials. This impacts its characteristics.

High-temperature adhesive labels or temperature labels are made using a special adhesive and materials that enable it to remain securely pasted to the automobile or auto parts under extreme temperatures and conditions.

It can withstand up to 730.4 Degrees Fahrenheit temperature along with solvent washes, and more. These automotive labels are preferred in a wide range of industries due to their versatility, flexibility, and usability. Since these labels have barcodes or elements, it makes it easier for the manufacturers to identify.

They are created to withstand extreme situations, allowing the manufacturers to maintain a professional, clean, and attractive appearance, irrespective of the application.

How to Order Automotive Labels?

Depending on the individual materials used to create these labels, the characteristics of each label vary. As not every industry or manufacturer has the exact automotive labeling requirements, it is best to place a request for custom automotive labels that are heat-resistant and can be used to display legible information.  

To avoid any disappointment later, people should always check if the labels are in accordance with the standard guidelines or not. Even though the guidelines may change from one industry to another or one state to another, it’s important to ensure the following elements are in accordance with the guidelines.

The guidelines failing which the company will attract hefty penalties are:  

  • Bar code height
  • Label durability
  • Quiet zones around the bar code
  • Label height and width
  • Label placement and orientation
  • Text dimensions
  • Symbol placement and height

To avoid making any mistakes, purchase the automotive ID labels and others from a supplier who has a quality checker expert for evaluation purposes. Moreover, temperature labels can be purchased either blank or with the company’s logo, barcode, or other details prefixed.

Ordering High-Quality Automotive Labels

Those in the automotive industry need to contact a trustworthy supplier of automotive labels as they need to be put on metal surfaces or various auto parts. Bay Tech Label is one of the most renowned suppliers known to offer the best quality heat-resistant labels. These labels are designed to face extreme conditions.

Different auto labels perform in different ways but when you find car manufacturer labels or other labels created by automotive label printers ideal for your work, these are guaranteed to increase your brand identity, reduce chances of misidentification, and much more. Contact us to get the best labels at reasonable costs.