Aluminum Labels

If you have a requirement for 3M #7800 - 3.7mil pressure sensitive aluminum foil labels on a roll, Bay Tech Label company can print, die cut, and ship aluminum labels and aluminum tags based on your specifications.

When you need rigid aluminum nameplates, stainless steel nameplates, or brass nameplates, ours provide important, lasting information on your product.


You can trust us to complete the job on time and within your budget.

If there is a requirement for consecutive numbering, serial, or variable data, Bay Tech Label company can print that as well:

Barcode Material choices include aluminum (3mil - 64mil), stainless steel, and brass. Printing choices for options like aluminum tags, aluminum nameplates, aluminum foil labels, and other items include silk screening, etching, embossing, and anodizing. Adhesive choices can include 3M transfer adhesive 467, 468, 583, and 9472, or your aluminum nameplates can be mounted with screws or rivets when absolute permanence is required. Send us your specs or call us today for an estimate at 800-229-8321.

Aluminum Foil, Nameplates & Tags

Custom asset tags, aluminum foil labels, equipment tags, identification plates custom printed. Our label tags can be mounted with adhesive, screws or rivets.

Or maybe you are just looking for the nice shiny labels apperance, if that is the case check out our foil labels.

Custom aluminum labels are perfect for uses like going on manufacturing equipment, asset tracking, equipment tracking and more.

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