Custom Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels

The average business owner doesn't realize this, but there are two ways to create high-quality labels: direct thermal printing and thermal transfer. Bay Tech Label has the equipment to perform both of these techniques, but they are not created equal.

Direct thermal printing is only appropriate for short-term uses like pricing, shipping, and address labels. Thermal transfer printing requires specialized printer technology that uses heat to transfer ink from a printhead to the label material via a specialized ribbon for added longevity. If you want your labels to last, even if they're exposed to heat or UV light, thermal transfer labels are a much better option.

Direct Thermal Labels

Bay Tech Label produces Custom Die Cut Labels or Standard Size Labels with Barcodes, Serial Numbers, Logos or unique individual field markings at an affordable price. We can provide any configuration of blanks for Thermal Transfer Labels and Thermal Tags, or Direct Thermal Labels.

Do you need small or large runs of pre-printed barcode or variable data labels? We can do that for you.

At Bay Tech Label, we maintain a complete in-house, state-of-the-art thermal printing operation just for these requests, with the capability to produce color as well as black and white labels.

Thermal Transfer Labels versus Direct Thermal Labels

Here is a quick guide to understanding the difference between Thermal Transfer Label printing and Direct Thermal printing:

  1. The label material has a topcoat depending on the technology of the printer.
  2. Both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal use heat from the printhead to print the image.
  3. Thermal Transfer printing requires a ribbon.
  4. Direct Thermal does not use a ribbon—it must have Direct Thermal top-coated material.
  5. Printers that print Thermal Transfer typically have the option to print Direct Thermal.
  6. Direct Thermal printing is often applied for short-term label use, when labels are not exposed to heat or sun. Examples include shipping labels, address labels, file folders, jewelry or pricing labels, and others.  
  7. Thermal Transfer is typically found in more permanent printing environments and uses a variety of wax and resin ribbons to print the information.
  8. The recommended cleaning and maintenance of the printhead is often overlooked and can have an impact on the quality of the print in either environment.
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