Custom Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging refers to small paper, plastic, film, or aluminum foil packages used for travel-sized products. It's widespread to find pharmaceutical medications, over-the-counter nutraceuticals, and cosmetics packaged in this way.

A flexible pack allows product manufacturers to offer single-serving pills, powders, and liquids. Flex packs provide an optimized product-to-packaging ratio, easy opening for on-the-go use, and descriptive labeling. If your company works in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, or cosmetic industry, you know that product labeling requirements can be tough to meet.

High-quality flexible packaging provides a perfect combination of efficient use, brand recognition, and industry-compliant text and designs. 

High Quality Flexible Packaging

Flex Packs for Pills, Powders and Liquids. We can produce high or low quantities; we offer no minimums, but check with your filler or co packer as they may have a minimum. Flexible packaging is produced with paper, plastic, film and aluminum foil. What goes in the package determines the material and we can assure that you choose the correct label material for your product, be it pharmaceutical labels, or other.

  • Travel and Convenience Size Packaging
  • Test Samples for your consumers
  • Lightweight and easy to open
  • Low or High Quantities, no minimums
  • Provides efficient product to package ratios

Flexible packaging can be seen on many consumer products today like cosmetic labels for small lotion and cream samples. Other common uses are for holding powder, pills or liquids. 

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