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While brick-and-mortar stores have faced challenges over the past two years, the cosmetics industry has exploded globally online in a post-pandemic world. Due to the influence of social media, customers are willing to spend more on viral, new, personalized, and premium cosmetic products with customized make up labels. In the U.S. alone, the industry grew 30% year-over-year, totaling $22.3 billion, compared to $20.9 billion in 2019.

A notoriously competitive industry, the growth in online beauty sales has changed what customers expect from premium products. Consumers are looking for cosmetic products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but deliver a sensory experience. With a heightened focus on environmentally-friendly solutions, glassification, and refillable containers, customized make up labels are needed to adapt to changing trends and deliver the sensory experience customers miss out on in-store.

Choose the right label material and finish that is not only effective and economical but delivers a positive high-touch experience.

Stay on-brand with customized make up labels that connect with customers today.

Communicate Your Brand with Customized Make Up Labels

Your label is a part of your beauty product, and it can contribute to a consumer’s decision to purchase it — or walk away. With the explosive growth in online sales, it is harder than ever to differentiate your product with labels that capture customer attention and resonate enough to buy. However, there are a few ongoing trends and solutions to give you the upper hand.

Customers are now looking for sensory packaging that stimulates the senses, from innovative printing techniques to unique materials and fragrances. Simple, straightforward labeling that highlights raw ingredients demonstrates a level of authenticity consumers find appealing. The feel of glass cosmetic packaging, or glassification, is noted as a new trend wowing current customers, and is a recyclable, refillable, and sustainable material. Consumers appreciate the eco-friendly option and the premium feel when paired with textured labels like foil or metallics.

Take Full Control of Your Cosmetic Label Printing

Whatever your desired look is, with over 300 materials and 5,000 dies in-house, your dream result is easily obtainable at Bay Tech. With hundreds of materials and substrates to choose from, an in-house graphics team, and state-of-the-art flexographic and digital printing options, the customizations are endless. Choose from one of our popular options — or let us help you uncover creative and cost-effective cosmetic labels for your unique product.

Like your products, your cosmetic make up labels should be long-lasting and wear-resistant. For customized make up labels, we often suggest polypropylene and polyethylene films. Polypropylene is the most commonly used for its water-resistant properties while polyethylene is used on squeezable shampoo and lotion bottles due to its flexibility. Uncover an array of options for materials, sizes, adhesives, special shapes, and inks, and discover how we maintain shorter than normal lead times with our 10 printing presses. Take advantage of our flexographic printing for medium to long runs and digital for small runs and variable data, and receive the same high-resolution results.

What Should Be on a Cosmetic Label?

Not only must customized make up labels be visually appealing, but they must also provide essential instructions for use and warnings, and must meet industry and government labeling regulations. Your cosmetic label may consist of a front panel as well as side and back informational panels. Meeting the label requirements is no easy task, from information placement to font size, ingredient order, language requirements, and warning statements. Additionally, information on cosmetic labeling, including claims, must be truthful and not misleading.

  • Statement of Identity — Your product should always include its standard name (nail polish, shampoo) or an illustration.
  • Net Weight — If the cosmetic is sold at a retailer in an outer container, net contents must be included on the outer container.
  • Ingredients List — The ingredients must be included on the label in descending order of prevalence.
  • Manufacturer’s Name and Address — The business address must include the street address, name of the city and state, and the ZIP code.
  • Warning Statements — Any warning statements must be recognizable compared to other words and designs so that warnings are likely to be read.

Bring Your Vision to Life with Customized Make up Labels

There are very few industries as competitive as cosmetic health and beauty. From haircare, to skincare, fragrance, lip balm, lipstick, eyeshadow, powder, make up, nail polish, hand sanitizers, candles, jewelry tags, and more, Bay Tech Label brings over 35 years of labeling experience to every personal care product. If your customized cosmetic labels need to adhere to plastic, glass, or tins, we are guaranteed to have a labeling solution that sticks.

Whether you're an established brand or gaining some traction after your first viral video, we’re here to bring your vision to life and make a lasting impression. Unsure where to start? We’re here to help with everything from label design to material selection, inks, finishing coats, and more. Get started on your next cosmetic label with experienced printing professionals today.

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