Custom Flex Packs & Stick Packs

Flexible packaging is a great way to advertise and show off your products. Especially if your pouch is a eco friendly material. Eco friendly materials have been trending lately as consumers are more conscious of pollution and waste. With Bay Tech label, we can help you with fin seal flex pack, (FlexPaks) stickpaks, and heat seal products for single serve packs or multiple use packs.

Print your custom logo, words, images and artwork on your custom flexible packaging today.

Why Use FlexPaks?

StickPacks & Flex Packs

Stick packs and flexpaks were developed to make eating and snacking easy, and to remove anxiety for on the go consumers. The one serving portions are perfect for consumers on the go. Take them on a plane, in your car, or on the boat. Just tear and open.

Or Boost your sales further by putting all you stickpaks in a box and sell them as a family pack.

Materials & Colors

You can choose white, clear, or foil metalized OPP, or metalized PET for your stickpak material.

Keep Your Products Fresh

Keep your products fresh and safe from oxygen with our white or foil stickpacks.

With barrier protection you can keep your liquids, powder, soups, condiments, creams, gels, lotions, snacks, drink powder, capsules, nutrition bars, nuts, dried fruit, menthol, Tea, oil and shampoo at it’s maximum potency strength and freshness.

Marijuana FlexPaks

Our marijuana flexpacks will be coming soon with a tear resistant material that would need to be opened by cutting it with scissors only. The reason for this is that makes the flex pouch child resistant. 

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