Custom Peel and Seal Labels

Manufacturers who specialize in making small consumer-facing goods face some unique challenges when it comes to packaging. These challenges are incredibly demanding in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Government regulations require manufacturers to include ingredient lists, warnings, detailed instructions, and other information. That's hard when products come in small packages. However, peel and seal labels provide a perfect solution.

With peel & seal labels, you don't have to choose between a less than optimal product-to-packaging ratio and ensuring regulatory compliance. You can add extended content to even the smallest containers to enhance product safety, user-friendliness, and consumer satisfaction.

Peel & Seal Labels

Need more space? Our Peel & Seal labels offer you additional space allowing you to enhance the prime area of your label that captures your products audience.

Needing to comply with regulatory demands for increased information? Peel and Read labels are the perfect solution. We can print up to a total of 8 colors. Printing on the inside panel (under the face of label) and on the face of the label that is applied to the product with easy peel and reseal technology. Peel & Seal labels are suitable for a wide variety of packaging, containers and bottles for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Extended Content for small containers such as ampoules and vials
  • Multiple Languages needed
  • Preparation instructions
  • Enhance user friendliness and product safety
  • Promotions
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