Food Labels

Do you need Food labels for your food product?

One of the diverse segments of food labels and labeling, and making up the largest share, is the direct labeling of fruits and vegetables.

Safety standards and regulations required by law influence the components used to construct a label being applied to food. Using the wrong substrates and construction can be devastating and costly. Bay Tech Label can help.


When planning a label for food, there are a several factors to consider:

  1. Moisture resistance 
  2. Cold and hot temperatures
  3. Rough and uneven surfaces
  4. High speed application
  5. Direct food or indirect food contact

We have the knowledge and understanding from years of experience. 

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Brand Identity

With a majority of the focus on brand and product identity, you can trust that Bay Tech Label can provide your organization with the guidance you would expect from the design stage all the way through production. We can help your product stand out where your product is competing on the same shelf right next to another brand. Your industry is a highly competitive market where package labeling can make a difference.

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